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Don’t be Afraid on Allah’s Path

Allah Tala is definitely in support of the Believers. In this world of tests, sometimes we start doubting; often we think according to our comprehension that if we do this, that and so will happen. However, nothing would never happen and nothing ever happened without Allah Tala’s wish. He is always beside His obedient slave. Here is a story from a Muslim’s Life of Bombay:

A man was on service in Railway. He was well qualified and also diligent. He was well-known for his job. He drew a salary of 20,000 rupees. This person after listening to a lecture somewhere, starting keeping a beard. Gradually his beard grew and after sometime when it was significant in length, people started warning him – Here(on this job) you are not allowed to keep beard! As a result, he went to the Ulama (Scholars of Deen) to consult. He mentioned the situation to them. After consultation and knowing more about the importance of beard his courage increased. He became firm to continue with the beard.

As the service didn’t permit beard he submitted a resignation letter. His resignation was accepted. He then went to an Alim and asked what should he do now (because he had no way of earning livelihood). The Alim told him that (besides making efforts for a new job) keep on praying the dua: Hasbunallahi wa Ni’mal Wakeel. One whole month passed away. He submitted some applications for jobs earlier; however, no response came. In such a state one generally becomes anxious. But he didn’t break down; he said, “Everything is alright.” In the Persian language there is a proverb – Thing which comes late is the perfect one.

After some more days, he got a job in Kuwait and at a much higher salary – 35,000 rupees.

Allah Taala has stated (Meaning): Person who attains Taqwa, Allah Tala wide opens a road for him (in all adversaries) and Rizk (sustenance) is provided for him from such place, which is beyond his comprehension. Sura Talaq: 2-3

This story is taken from a lecture of  Shaikh Abrarul Haq (R) – the Last Khalifa of Shaikh Ashraf Ali Thanvi (R).

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