Best of creations or the worst

Once a man asked to a pious man, “You are worse than my dog.” The pious man said, “Actually that cannot be said right now that who, between I and your dog is better; however, when I will stand before Allah Taala and account for my deeds, if I can pass there, I can swear that I am better than you dog. But if I get caught in the punishment of Allah Taala, in that case you are right – your dog is better than me. Because your dog doesn’t have to account for its deeds and doesn’t have to face punishment.

– From Islahi Majalis of Mufti Taqi Usmani

Note: We, the human beings had been sent to this world with great qualities and responsibilities together. When we misuse our qualities and ignore the responsibilities there is no doubt that our status goes down. Allah Taala has vividly expressed in the Verses of Holy Quran in Sura Teen:

“We have created man in the best composition, [4] then We turned him into the lowest of the low, [5] except those who believed and did righteous deeds, because for them there is a reward never ending.”

These Verses tells that man had been created most Beautifully; however for disbelieving and neglecting righteous deeds, man the best of creation loses status and becomes ‘the lowest of the low’.

We could ponder on this throughout our whole life and make effort to rectify us. It is required at least to promote us at the level of human beings if that had not been attained. The pangs of death are about to come suddenly!

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