Abwah’s Incident: Lesson for every Muslim

This incident had been narrated by Imam Gazzali (R) and we found it in Aap Biti (My Biography) of Shaykh Zakariyah (R) with reference. 

Hazrat Sulayman ibne Yasar (R) was a pious saint. He was very good looking then (at the time this incident is being related) at his youth.

In one journey toward Makkah for Hajj, Hazrat Sulayman ibne Yasar (R) and his companion halted at a place called Abwah (probably in Yemen, a small village). They mounted their tent there. Hazrat Sulayman’s companion took permission to go to a nearby shop to buy some necessities. Hazrat permitted him. Hazrat remained inside the tent.

Suddenly a young woman under complete veil entered into the tent where Hazrat Sulayman ibne Yasar was sitting. The woman immediately removed the nikab from here face, who was a very beautiful young lady too. This woman sought something from Hazrat Sulayman ibne Yasar with a gesture. Hazrat Sulayman thought that the woman might be asking for food and showed where the food was. But then the woman indicated that she seeks from him what a wife seeks from a husband.

Hazrat Sulayman ibne Yasar (R) outraged and reprimanded, “You have been sent here by shaytan, leave immediately!” The woman left the tent. Hazrat Sulayman ibne Yasar started weeping. Meanwhile the companion returned from the shop. He found Hazrat Sulayman sobbing and asked whether he had suddenly remembered his child. Hazrat Sulayman ibne Yasar told what had just happened. Upon listening this, the companion started crying. Hazrat Sulayman asked the reason for his lamentation. The companion replied, “(I fear) Had I been in your place, I could not have controlled myself!”

After a short stay in Abwah, they started for Makkah. The two finally reached in time and performed the actions of Hajj. In the middle of Hajj, in one occasion, Hazrat Sulayman became sleepy in front of Hajre Aswad (the Black Stone). He dreamt a very good looking person. Hazrat Sulayman asked him who he was. The man replied he was Hazrat Yusuf (Alayhis Salam). Hazrat Sulayman gladly said, “So you are Hazrat Yusuf (Alayhis Salam)!” Hazrat Sulayman added, “Truly, your and Zulaykha’s story is astonishing!” Hazrat Yusuf (Alayhis Salam) replied, “The incident of the woman from Abwah is indeed more astonishing!”

Such incidents remind and warn us to be very careful about meeting strange people (mainly of opposite gender) – the shaytan and our lower self – the nafs are always plotting against us. We seek the refuge of Allah Taala!

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