A Martyr Never to Forget

It was Shah Waliullah (R), who was indeed a personality not to be described in few words. Allah Taala has accepted him and his progeny for great service of Islam by which the pages of history with brilliantly glowing forever.

We, however, would tell you about one of his grandsons, a  great hero – Shah Ismail Hossain Shaheed (R). He was the son of Shah Abdul Ghani Saheb (R), the youngest son of Shah Waliullah (R).

Shah Ismail Hossain Shahid (R) was fighting against the Sikhs on May 09, 1831. A sikh – in front of Shah Ismail Hossain Shahid (R) called names against our beloved Prophet ﷺ. Instantly Shah Ismail Hossain Shaheed (R) got vexed and uttered – “By Allah! I would not die before I kill you!” Suddenly another kafir – standing right behind struck Shah Ismail (R) with a sword and chopped his head off! Shah Ismail (R)’s head fell on the ground…..

Rasulullah ﷺ informed in one Hadith (meaning), “There are some such slaves of Allah Taala, if they utter something by Allah, He fills the desire of those slaves”.

This promise of Allah Taala was true in case of Shah Ismail Hossain Shaheed (R). Allah Taala had exposed the high rank and spiritual power of his friend.

Though beheaded, Shah Ismail Shaheed (R) threw off his sword (that was in his hand) at the kafir who was on the runner just after calling names against our Prophet ﷺ; and the enemy of Allah and his Rasool, at that time was 220 yards far trying his best to flee. However the desire of Allah Taala’s wish has resembled to his friend’s! The culprit was struck by the sword that chased him all the way and hit him brutally to death. And finally a Star of Islam, Glory of the History, a great lover of Rasulullah ﷺ got Martyred. O Allah….Bless him with Your Greatest of Honors! Ameen

Shah Ismail Hossain Shahid (R) does make us remember the Great Shuhada: Sayiduna Hamza (RA), Sayiduna Abdullah Ibne Zubayer (RA) and Sayiduna Khabbab (RA).

O Martyr! You have sacrificed

I have only heard of you and cried.

This cry makes me joyful today

When of you – I would say.

This wretched heart will fill in glory

Telling people your brilliant story.

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