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A Captivating Story: Allah Taala does all good for us

From Nujhatul Basatin:

A pious man narrates, I had great affection and love for my wife. One day I was in a state of Wajd (an unusual condition or behavior due to high emotions or spirits in thoughts; this may happen uncontrollably in a spiritual aspirant’s life for some period). My wife was beside me at that moment.

When I had come to my senses, my wife inquired what had happened to me? I told her to explain the matter because I was sort of senseless. My wife started arguing regarding my unusual state and related that she had realized the fact and would not listen to any of my excuses. She called on her close relatives and told them that I (her husband) had gone mad, therefore, she cannot stay with me any more. She related her experience to them told them about my unusual behavior. On hearing the matter, the relatives forbade her to decide hastily. My wife became stubborn. She would not stay with me. She wanted sepration from me.

When I heard her decision, I called my wife, asked her separately what had she actually wanted. She told me to set her free or else she would commit suicide. I then thought for a while and told her to have patience for just a week. My wife agreed on this point. The relatives left our house.

I tried best to make my wife understand that I am okay and nothing evil had happened to me. But all my efforts went vain. My wife was persistent on her decision. I then thought, well – I have tried my best to maintain the bond, but now if my wife doesn’t want to stay with me, what could I do? However, still in one corner of my mind I felt the deep sorrow and pain of losing my beloved wife!

I was in the final night of the week; I was overwhelmed with worries; deeply shocked; thoughts captivated me that my dear wife would leave me for good. Finally, I prayed to Allah Taala espcially for a relief from my misery and went asleep. My wife was sleeping in the room next to mine.

All on a sudden it happened that my wife rushed into my room with intense fear she fell onto my feet and started wailing, “Do pardon me my husband! I would never again do such a thing! Leaving you, I will never get peace in life!” To my surprise, I asked her what had happened. She related me that I was fixed in my decision to leave you and went asleep. I saw in my dream a man carrying a knife in one hand and a spear on the other. Angrily he told me to change my decision or otherwise threatened to attack me! I woke up at such an awkward predicament but then thought it was only a dream. I fell asleep again. Then with much more rage the same man came into my dream! Repeating the same words now he instantly starting whipping on my back with the spear! Then I woke up screaming and I now regret for all what I have done! Please forgive and accept me, and pray to Allah Taala that He accepts my Tawba. I saw that there were three deep wounds on my wife’s back and the wounds were bleeding! I consoled my wife and prayed to Allah Taala for our forgiveness.

The incident moved my wife to such an extent that in the morning she gave away her ornaments to the poor and from then she lived a very piety life – engaging herself in Allah Taala’s remembrance and worship. I concluded that whatever Allah decides for us is for our benefit. I also realized that it had been the reward from Allah Taala for my patience.

My wife had been alive for seven years after this incident. We had spent a wonderful time through this period. After she passed away, one day I saw her in my dream. She was beautifully ornamented and roaming about! I asked her that how Allah Taala had behaved with her. She replied, “You can see my joy by yourself ! Now I am waiting for you! Just the way you were satisfied with me, Allah Taala is too!”

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