Scattered Pearls

These are some scattered golden advice from the Pious Scholars, which should always be practiced to improve our life:

  • Always start a work with Bismillah.
  • Niyat (good intention) turns many of our ‘ordinary work’ into ‘great worship’. Highly value it!
  • Manage the time well; do not let time be wasted by being engaged in useless and aimless activities (engaging in sinful acts is beyond the question!).
  • Force yourself to good deeds. If it is time to recite the Holy Quran, recite it. If it is time for prayer, do not slack. If this exercise is regularly performed, gradually every good deed becomes easy to perform.
  • Much planning and  preparation is not necessary to initiate and exert a good deed. Just start up! And you will see it has been done.
  • Make yourself habituated in the Zikr (remembrance) of Allah Taala through uttering: Laa-Ilaha-Illallah, Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Astaghfirullah etc. abundantly.
  • Be how small/little a good deed may look at, do not neglect it.
  • There is no shame in beseeching to Allah Taala; yes, there is shame in NOT beseeching to Him! Always ask to Allah Taala for all your needs and necessities. Dua does not require wuzu/ghusl, sitting in the prayer mat, specific time, raising the hand – at every moment and in every situation it could be done!
  • All the troubles, pains and worries of this worldly life is nothing comparing to the ones in the afterlife. All the honor, wealth and happiness are nothing comparing to the ones in the afterlife.
  • Tawba is the ‘way out’ from darkness to light, from punishment to reward, from worries to peace; it cleanses every sin if done sincerely. Always care it!
  • Sunnah Way of performing a good deed is the best and acceptable way to Allah Taala.
  • Make a habit of reflecting on your own deeds and doings. This will keep you busy rectifying yourself and refrain you from others fault-finding.
  • Bear in mind – “Suddenly ONE DAY I will die and have to account for every deed!”

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