Remember Death and Get Prepared

As a Muslim it is quite natural that every day you remember death. You think of the very reality that one day definitely you would die. Everyone believes this. Everyone accepts this truth. Death is inevitable; this is also a belief of a disbeliever (kafir). However, as a Muslim our perspective is far different than others.

Remember – in most cases, a sinner doesn’t fear the torments and happenings which are to follow death.  Rather the ones who actually fear Allah Taala, become frightful while pondering on the events to come. How will be my end? Only this single thought is enough for a believer to become oblivion of this world and worldly life. On the other hand, a transgressor i.e. a disobedient servant of Allah and a genuine sinner (who does not repent), dares to indulge more in sins. May Allah Taala save us from such audacity. (Ameen).

The final state my friend is definitely the answer to what is our earning of life. Thinking and worrying about just the End of this Life used to make our Pious Predecessors pass sleepless nights. In Hadith it is mentioned that such circumstances may arise before death that one person finally loses the ‘good state’ because of excessive transgression and disobedience i.e. some severe

sin. And if such happens then definitely it is so much pathetic that the whole life he had been known as Muslim but his death, i.e. the end was bad. May Allah Taala save us!

Praise to Allah Tala and Eternal Blessing on His Beloved Rasul Saiyyindina Muhammadur Rasulullah ﷺ! We had been taught Dua for ‘Good-Ending’! Recite this after every Salah:

“Our Lord, do not let our hearts go crooked after You have given us guidance and bestow upon us mercy from Your own. Surely, You, and You alone, are the Bestower. [Al Imran: 8]

Each of us should think of the Final Moments of our life in this world in terms of everyday work. What tasks keep you busy? What are the things to which we are paying attention to a greater extent? What type of people appeals and influence you most (are they the Pious or the Time-wasters!)? Where do you spend most of the time? How do you pass time there? What is the condition of your heart most of the time? How close is your life to the Noble Life of your Guardian Prophet ﷺ? If there are positive and satisfactory answers to these questions that is a good sign for sure. It is only then, besides fear, you can bear hope.

The Final Moments of your life and the end of your life will be nothing, but the output of what you are doing today. The 24 hours which is now spent in the wrong way has a long-lasting impact on your life. All ‘false claims’ those we make today will definitely be unveiled at the moment of the Pangs of Death!

Shaikh Ibnul Qayim Al Jawziya (R) explains the situation of a sinner interestingly: “During the moments of death, the Qalb (heart) and Tongue betray the sinner. He will be told to utter La-Ilaha Illallah, but he will not be able to say so (this is in case of a sinner). One person was told to utter the Kalima during death; he started to utter some tunes of a song. When repeatedly he was urged to recite La-Ilaha Illallah, he said, “Why are you advising me? By no means would I abandon sins!” (May Allah Tala save all of us!). In this state he died. One businessman (at death bed) was heard saying, “This product is very cheap, buy it; it’ll be good.” Right after saying so he died. (May Allah Tala save us!)”

Shaikh Sufyan Sawri (R) was once asked the reason for is crying. He simply replied, “I fear the inauspicious ending and it is for that reason I am crying.”

Shaikh Ibnul Qayim Al Jawziya (R) further mentions: Sins are such weapon which the sinner himself supplies to his enemy. And the sins are the army of shaytan (the devil). Through this weapon, shaytan fights against man and he wins. Shaytan is such an enemy who doesn’t detach from man even for a moment. A man sleeps, but shaytan doesn’t sleep. Man becomes inattentive, but shaytan doesn’t. For cheating and swindling, he is never lazy. It is Allah Taala’s Special Mercy that on His the Believers (Mu’min), shaytan cannot win. To Allah Taala the believers are the most beloved among all creations. Allah Taala supports His slaves through Angels at every moment. Allah Taala states:

For him, there are angels replacing each other, before him and behind him, who guard him under the command of Allah. Surely, Allah does not change what is in a people until they change what is in themselves. And when Allah intends evil for a people, there is no way to turn it back, and for them, there is no patron other than Him. [Sura Ra’d: 11]

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