Ramadan Preparation: Now is the Time

The Holy Rajab has already commenced. Now it is important for every Muslim to prepare for Ramadan. The servant should complete his part sincerely; Allah Taala will then bestow his servant with all the benefits of this world and the afterlife.

Read the following two Articles on Holy Rajab. In the first article, the Dua done by Beloved Rasulullah at Rajab’s commencement is given (links below are from our old site):

Month of Rajab: Points to Bear in Mind

Awake for Holy Ramadan from Rajab

It is from now, we should sincerely and seriously

  • Do Dua to Allah Taala so that attaining the benefits of Ramadan becomes easy
  • Increase our Good Deeds
  • Schedule tasks and make routine in such a way so that Holy Ramadan moments are valued and cared properly

The above points could be acted upon easily if, we start reading the Ahadith, where Beloved Rasulullah ﷺ has informed us the importance and benefits of Ramadan. Besides, we should read the Pious Scholars writings and listen to their lectures on Holy Ramadan and its preparation.

O Allah! Provide us all the Tawfeeq! Aameen.

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