Ramadan Preparation: Now is the Time

The Holy Rajab has already commenced. Now it is important for every Muslim to prepare for Ramadan. The servant should complete his part sincerely; Allah Taala will then bestow his servant with all the benefits of this world and the afterlife.

It is from now on, we should sincerely and seriously

  • Do Dua to Allah Taala so that attaining the benefits of Ramadan becomes easy
  • Increase our Good Deeds
  • Schedule tasks and make routine in such a way so that Holy Ramadan moments are valued and cared for properly

The above points could be acted upon easily if, we start reading the Ahadith, where Beloved Rasulullah ﷺ has informed us the importance and benefits of Ramadan. Besides, we should read the Pious Scholars writings and listen to their lectures on Holy Ramadan and its preparation.

O Allah! Provide us all the Tawfeeq! Aameen.

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