Ramadan ends; Eid…What then?

A Muslim’s Life never stops worshiping and obeying Allah Taala! Indeed, for a Muslim, every season and every moment is a time to accomplish a good deed. Ramadan is an exercise and preparation period. We, who are alive in this world, should not be forgetful of the incidents drawing near (Death, Qiyamah etc). We must be progressive in Iman and Aamal. Our Iman and A’amal need to be continuously improving. For that, we need to make efforts with hardship and sacrifice. If we are still amidst sins and if we are still not abiding by the commandments of Allah, we are only being deceived by evil urges; both our lower self (the nafs) and Iblis, are making us deceiving us and making our oblivion of the coming afterlife.

Our beloved Rasulullah ﷺ said (meaning): “O Allah! This life of the world is nothing! Actual is the life hereafter!” The gain and loss of the afterlife are the actual gain and loss. We are his Ummah! We have become very forgetful of the eternal afterlife! We have started loving worldly possessions and caring the worldly life beyond limits. Our lifestyle, our drive and our plunge are all witnesses that we have lost our road. Alas! How can we, in this state ever expect the Support of Our Lord! Indeed His Promise is for the Believers; Believers who obey Him.

Now that we have already made lots of mistakes – let us make Tawba! Let us Turn toward Allah Tala. We must start Praying regularly; we must embark on Good Deeds right now; we must start reforming our lives before our call for the afterlife is announced!

A Story for taking Lesson: There was a king who lived a noble life, but gradually he absorbed in the love of the world and engrossed in luxuries. Once he built a very magnificent palace and invited his relatives and all his near and dear ones. All his guests were highly praising his work by admiring how beautiful the palace was. In his guests’ presence, the king mentioned, “I have a plan to build such a palace for every of my child. I want your suggestion in this regard. You may stay here for the time being and provide me your views about it. One day the king was discussing the development of his work with the relatives when suddenly a voice was heard reciting the following words: “Forgetting death you are planning to make a palace? Death is certainly in your fate. Whether man desires or not, death will come destroying all his plans. Therefore, O the builder of the palace! Build such a palace where you will be able to live forever. You better get engaged in worship so that you may be forgiven.” Listening to the words, he said to his attendants, “Have you heard what I heard?” They answered, “Yes, we heard it very clearly.” The king then said, “I think I am suffering from an ailment which will fetch death soon.” The attendants consoled him. However, the king asked them, “Have you also been caught by such a disease?” Actually, the words which Allah Taala has addressed and informed them somehow had pierced a deep impact on the king’s heart! He then and there accomplished Tawba and started reforming his life. He got completely engaged and engrossed in good deeds and stopped his secular missions.

A Portion of Dua in Hadith for Self Rectification and Seeking Support: “O Allah! Grant us Your Fear to such an extent, which refrains us from violating Your Commands! Provide us the ability to worship You to such an extent, which allows us to enter into Jannah and provide us firm belief to such an extent so that the calamities of this world become easy for us.” Ameen

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