Aqsa is Calling – O Mujahid!

In the combat of
Truth and falsehood
The soldiers of
Ali-Muwawiya arouse.
We’re the Muslims
Before our enemies,
Right at their nose.
Whatever they have
We stand with Taqwa,
We stand against kufr
Unmatched & close.

Thy History
O Muslims!
How you embrace death.
In the same way
Embrace with smile
Do follow
The same style.

Muslims we are
Bondsmen of Allah,
Moreover, be hold!,
The Final Prophet’s Ummah;
Under this identity
Martyrdom — we crave,
Not inferior at all
Thunder and brave!
O the sleepers yet
Waiting doomsday to get..
Wake up for Jihaad
Before it’s too late.

Establish Tawheed
On Earth
This is the call-for,
Prepare like
Qasim and Tariq
Cease all terror.

Remember that in
Allah’s hand
Is all the success,
Do seek His support
At your every pace,

Aqsa is calling!
Wildfire of Truth ablaze
The enemy is killing
Children-women like craze!
Don’t delay anymore
Listen to their cry
With high spirit of Imaan
Give the right reply!
If you are a Believer
What is your fear
Allah has stated
Your victory is near.

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