Is Allah Taala pleased with me

Collected from one of the lectures of Shaikh Abdur-Rauf Sukkharvi (may Allah preserve him):

Once Sayiduna Dawood Alaihissalam asked Allah Taala, O Allah! What is your Raza? Allah Taala replied that when I afflict my servant in difficulties, pain, worries, ailment or any type of adversary and the servant accepts the situation brought down on him and thereafter he gets such habituated in accepting My decisions for him that whatever consequences may afflict him, he keeps on enduring those wholeheartedly, (O Dawood!) take for granted that I (Allah Taala) am pleased with him (such a servant); this is my Raza. And this is a very high Maqam (spiritual station) – there is no high Maqam (spiritual station) surpassing this. Therefore a person walking on the Path of Allah should not only be satisfied with some wird (daily spiritual practice) but notice whether he has achieved the Raza of Allah Taala or not.

There was one Buzurg, Shaikh Sulaiman (R). From him we come to know a sign whether Allah Taala’s Raza has been achieved or not. We could perceive through the anecdote whether Allah Taala is pleased with us or not. He says, the sign of Allah Taala’s Raza is that the servant carries on actions that bring in the pleasure of Allah. On the other hand, if a servant carries on the actions that bring in the displeasure of Allah, this is the sign that Allah is discontented with the servant.

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