Information and Knowledge: What is achieved and adapted-2

A Muslim’s life is invaluable. His life is to immerse in the love and remembrance of Allaah; all tasks of a Muslim abounds the same objective. He cannot childishly use information and knowledge! He cannot spare his moments by senselessly getting through superfluous information, such as, who is the wealthiest person in the world, who went to space today, how did your friend spend last morning, what is your neighbor cooking tonight! Let alone these…unfortunately, today one snaps his own photo and makes a comment, publicizes it via “facebook” and tools alike(!) Did we ever turn rationally towards ourselves at least once in lifetime and asked, “Is this the reason for which I have been created and should this be the reason for which we exist?!” Friends will give me a thousands “like” – oh yes! But the question is, how is my Lord, Master and Creator liking all these matters we are getting captivated in? Have we ever considered and deliberated on it? Through these acts, whom are we following, whom are we making friendship and increasing our relationship?


If we look very closely into our (referring to us, the general Muslims) daily thoughts and conversations, besides others, we get two major aspects in them: one, personal matters; two, discussion pertaining to others life (could be called gossip too). The first aspect covers several personal problems, among which, some are labelled “very big”. However, at the same time, through the second aspect, we are engrossed in others’ praise, fault-finding, commenting on their lifestyle and so on; these are all done through massive networking. Most of these activities are “exchange of ideas, thoughts and information” communicated via Internet, which has become the marketplace of expressing and showing oneself and continually commenting on others’ feelings and photographs. Did you ever think that the consequences of the second aspect (engaging in applause, criticisms, chats, sharing pics) aggravates our personal problems? Well, it does give a sense of relief at the first place, but eventually they overwhelm and scatter all our thoughts into hundreds of pieces and convert our ideas and thoughts into innumerable bundles of brainstorming topics! Therefore, the 2nd aspect negatively influences the 1st one, but we initiate the 2nd one to get relieved from the first! Did we ever calmly and rationally thought of such a backfire? Likewise sharing of any information cannot provide a mental rest, forget peace of heart! The consequences of over-talkativeness, prolific interactions, maintaining friendship with too many people add destruction of mind and heart. The activities which we believe is relieving us is indeed stemming more unrest and calamities of heart and soul.

Indeed, these issues being discussed are being addressed to none other, but the general Muslim, to a believer, to a person who believes in Allaah, His Messengers – above all the final Messenger ﷺ. Being a Muslim, how can we become so wasteful in time?! Moreover, how can we spend so much of time in backbiting, vulgar issues, obscene, music and futile acts, which are most of our major aims while engaging in these communication means? Superfluous admirations are only waste of time and energy even. What are we doing exactly in the name of networking? Aren’t many of our activities downright haraam?! At least, being truthful and confessional regarding the matter can open the slightest way of Tawba – sincere repentance. This repentance can then change our life positively. If we read the meaning of Sura Al-Asr and deliberate very sincerely, we get the whole guidance in a nutshell (Meaning):

(I swear) by the Time, (1) Man is in a state of loss indeed, 1 (2) Except those who believed and did righteous deeds, and exhorted each other to follow truth, and exhorted each other to observe patience. (3)

Allaah Taala, Our Creator and Lord have warned people of the severe consequences of devaluing such a precious life.  What will happen to each of us, our destiny, if this precious life is left in the evil hands of nafs and shaytan?! Allaah Taala states (Meaning):

Then for the one who had rebelled, (37) And preferred the worldly life (to the Hereafter), (38) The Hell will be the abode, (39) Whereas for the one who feared to stand before his Lord, and restrained his self from the (evil) desire, (40) The Paradise will be the abode. (41) Sura Naziyat: 37-41

Those who will not believe Allaah, they never count, but what about us, who bear faith in Him? The above mentioned verses are from Qur’an. This is also a piece of information. This is also knowledge. This information and knowledge is from the Creator, Lord and Master. This is therefore the absolute information and knowledge! We cannot sit and relax after this absolute information reach us. We cannot have any time to indulge and involve ourselves in aimless, worthless and unnecessary matters after such rigorous warning is threatened, threatened by the Lord of the Universe!

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