Tawheed: Solution of Life – Part 4

Violation in the concept of Tawheed needs to be explained within two points.

The first point is, though the Creator of all good and evil is none, but Allah Tala, and though all the happiness and sorrow both are from Allah Tala, still there is a conduct of approach while referring to these. The smallest of good should be related to Allah Tala, while the smallest of bad should not be related to Allah Tala.

Allah Taala states (Meaning): “The door of Rahmah (Bounty) which Allah Tala opens for someone, others are incapable of closing it; the thing which He closes, without Him, none is its Opener.” Sura Fatir: 2

In this verse, there is a noticeable point. It is, with ‘opening’ – the word Rahmah has been mentioned. However, with ‘closing’ – only ‘the thing’ has been mentioned, without any further explanation. Here in this verse is teaching, i.e. it is not the conduct to relate Allah Tala with the closing of Rahmah. In addition, there is information that if anything in this universe apparently seems contrary to Rahmah, it will be for good for all.

Sayiduna Ibraheem (AM) has followed the mentioned conduct. He used to relate all the goods with Allah Taala. For instance, he used to say, Allah Taala has provided Hidayat to me. He is the One who provides food and clothing to me. He also says(Meaning): “When I become ill, he recovers me from illness.” Sura Ash-Shuwara: 80

Sayiduna Ibraheem (AM) has clearly related ‘being ill’ to ownself. But related Allah Tala while talking of recovery.

Khadhir (AM) has followed the same rule. He says(Meaning), “And Allah Tala wished they reach their youth and retain the treasure.” Sura Kahf: 82

He has related the good to Allah Taala.

However, when Khadhir (AM) made a hole under the boat of the orphans, he stated (Meaning), “I wished to damage the boat.” Sura Kahf: 79

He related damage to himself.

For this reason, the Fuqaha has written a Ruling – if someone calls Allah Tala only the Creator of dogs and swine, the individual will become a kafir (nonbeliever).

The second point is, though the Doer of every activity in this universe is solely Allah Tala, still, the Shariah hasn’t completely ignored the discussion of things and means. Allah Tala has affixed some responsibilities to those. Because definitely Allah Tala is the Doer and the Doer has set the thing to accomplish a task. For this reason, if someone is providing support then it is mandatory that the one getting service and support should express gratitude towards the first. Ulama, for this reason, advise to preserve and take care of the papers, because papers are means to knowledge.

To what extent should we keep notice to these means and in which cases there should not be any sort of noticing things, the difference between these need to be observed carefully by the Seeker, who wants to attain Tawheed in terms of actions. Practically a Spiritual Mentor will guide the Seeker along this path.

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