Tawheed: Solution of Life – Part 3

The one who attains the Makam (level) of Tawheed will not only comprehend, rather with his very naked eyes he will see that if the whole world wants to provide help to me, without Allah Tala’s command that is NOT possible. On the other hand, if the whole world intends to harm me, without Allah Tala’s wish it is NOT possible. Therefore, why should I be afraid of anyone? Why should I flatter others? Why should I be greedy? Therefore his fear is to none but Allah Tala. He never bestow his head in front of any being or thing, but Allah Tala. He excepts from none, but Allah Tala. He therefore is busy how to develop a strong bond with Allah Tala. And his slogan is:

“Know Allah Tala One, Read Him One, See Him One and Search Him One and only One.”

Now the question comes, how will this level be attained(?)

In belief, all Muslims do posses the concept of Tawheed. However, as the sight is on the things, which outwardly express reasons, there is doubt in the belief mixed. Imam Gazzali (R) has provided an example of this suspension. About a dead body everyone knows and believes that it has nothing to do, completely incapable to do anything. People firmly belief that it cannot move its limbs. However, people fear to sleep with the dead body on the same bed. This fear doesn’t imply that they don’t believe in the death or incapability of the corpse. But an inner suspension fetch worries in them. In this way Muslims who haven’t attained the level of Tawheed, admits the incapablity of things. But their hearts don’t have the strength to completely and definitely defend the suspensions surrounding regarding ‘doing of the matter’. Because eyes view ‘things doing’. Heart is not strong enough to make understand – Doer is NOT the thing. If someone can attain this strength that things don’t possess power, he will attain the level of Tawheed which is the discussion point.

The strength of Heart can be attained by various deep meditation. When man rests his eyes on the happening of this world, he can veiw how the plans and programs of men shatter. Gradually, the cloud of suspension drives away from the heart. The Aqida (Belief & Concept) of Tawheed takes place in heart and it finally becomes a habit. However, if this deep meditation is accomplished by the guide of a Spiritual Mentor then the later can save the person from all sorts of violation in works and thoughts.

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