Allah Taala is Hakeem Not unjust: Part 2

Whatever Allah Taala does is good for us. We cannot understand and we cannot comprehend His Decisions and Doings. Our intelligence and brain can never reach to that extent. If we make a strong bond with Allah Taala only then there is solution to all problems. With strong faith we will only then perceive that Allah Taala does all good for His slave. Allah Taala always bestows Rahmah in the Hearts of the sincere believers; sincere believers are those who act according to Allah Taala’s Command and refrain from all sins; whenever there is a sin committed – does Tawba. Allah Taala by His Mercy, seldom may expose His Wisdom to us, but that is not a must or that is not at all expected. Just by obeying Him, He gets pleased. Be contented with His

Supreme Decision always – at all situations, be it good or be it adverse! He will get Satisfied with you inshallah! This concept is called ‘Ridha bil Qadha’.

So contemplate on this Name of Allah Taala – Hakeem, indeed, He is with all the Wisdom! Allah Taala is AlMighty, however He utilizes His Might with Wisdom, and that Wisdom is Hikmah, therefore, Allah Taala is Hakeem. Only by contemplating on this inshallah all the tensions and worries of this worldly life can be get ridden of. We suggest the following Two Readings for clearing this Concept:

Muraqaba for the afflicted

Cure of Depression

Why do you forget my friend that Allah Taala is testing you? Why do you forget all the bounties of Allah Taala on you? Why do you forget such a Great Friend and Guardian? Why do you forget that Allah Taala is always watching you? Why do you forget that this life is NOT the FINAL life? Why do you forget that the Happiness and Sadness of this life is all temporary? Why do you forget that you would have to soon die? Why my dear friend do you forget that you are none, but a slave, a servant of Allah – The Master and the Lord of this Universe – He will never forget you if you start calling Him.

Never give up – Be obedient! Be obedient towards the Lord and Sustainer of this Universe! Read the Quran everyday – with tearful eyes and painful heart! Think about the life hereafter everyday at least for 5 minutes dear friend! Sit for sometime with the Pious! Everyday….or every week at least once….or every month….at least once….if that is not possible – how can you call yourself a Muslim?

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