Refreshing ourselves for a new life: Simple Planning for Ramadan

O my Mind! Get Ready

Because Ramadan is near

Get Ready in Love, Or at least in Fear!

Allah Taala States in the Quran (Meaning): Indeed the righteous will be in absolute bliss. [22] While (sitting) on thrones, they will be watching (the scenes of Paradise). [23] You will recognize on their faces the glamour of bliss. [24] They will be served with a pure sealed wine to drink, [25] the seal of which will be of musk. And in aspiring for this, the competitors should compete. [26] and it will be blended with (a drink from) Tasnim, [27] a spring from which will drink those who are blessed with nearness. [28] Indeed those who were guilty used to laugh at those who believed, [29] and when they passed by them, they used to wink at one another, [30] and when they went back to their family, they went enjoying their mockery, [31] and when they saw them, they said, “Surely these are the ones who have gone astray” [32] while they were not sent as watchmen over them. [33] So, today those who believed will laugh at the disbelievers. [34] While (sitting) on thrones, they will be seeing [35] whether the disbelievers have been paid back for what they used to do. [36] Sura Mutaffifin/Al-Tatfif

The afterlife is drawing near; death is approaching us. We should not be neglectful anymore. Throughout the rest of the year, we busy ourselves in worldly affairs. Often we cross the limits and violate the commands of Allah Almighty. If Ramadan cannot refrain us from those violations, Allah forbid, we will be accelerating in our violations! The outcome would then be worse.

Ramadan is an opportunity to change our life. Such an opportunity would not repeatedly come. We should utilize it with care. Just starving or refraining from food for a little time SHOULD NOT be the objective. The objective SHOULD BE to accelerate development and improvement life in terms of Imaan (faith) and Aamal (good deeds/actions). Sow the seed of Love and Fear of your Lord, Who created you and every particle of this universe!

A generic routine outline and some guidance are hereunder, so that every invaluable moment of Ramadan could be best utilized.

May Allah Almighty provide Tawfeeq (ability)!  Aameen.

Routine-outline & Guidance for Making the Holy Ramadan Effective

Fajr Salat: In Time

After Fajr:

Tilawat & Dua

Rest and/or a little sleep accompanied by Dua & Zikr

Working Time:

Carry on job/business responsibilities accordingly

Tilawat & Zikr (whenever easy and possible, especially in intervals at work)

Zuhr: In Time

A few Rakat Nafl Salaat before or after Zuhr prayer

After Zuhr:

Carry on job/business responsibilities accordingly

Returning home: Zikr & Dua

During Rest/Cooking Time: Zikr & Dua

Asr: In Time

A few Rakaat Nafl Salaat before Asr prayer

After Asr:

Tilawat, Zikr, Dua

Iftar preparation: Zikr & Dua

Before Magrib/Iftar:

Tilawat, Zikr, Dua

Magrib: In Time

A few Rakaat Nafl Salat after Magrib prayer

After Magrib/Iftar:

A little rest with Tilawat, Zikr, Dua

Isha Salat: In Time

Taraweeh Prayer

Supper (preferably light)


Wake up at least 45 mins before the Sub-hi-sadiq/Dawn (i.e. Fajr starting-time)


Pass the post Sahri time in Tilawat/Tasbih and say Fajr Salat.

Some guidelines/important info:

When tired, or before rest/sleep/at off-time in the office: Affix reading some books on inspiring you to do more good deeds (Hadith, Sahaba stories etc.) – select these books before Ramadan starts.

Zikr here refers to: Salaam and Salawat (Dorud Shareef), Istegfar, Laa-Ilaha-Illallah and other Tasbih. Best is to fix up your minimum count every day. No need to plan too much. Plan which is attainable and possible.

Tilawat/Recitation of Holy Quran: Fix up 3 to 5 major times to recite. (Example: Period One: After Fajr, Period Two: After Zuhr, Period Three: Before Isha)

Dua: Raising hands in dua is NOT a requirement, but an Adab (conduct). You can do DUA all the time – at every state. In Ramadan, specially do Dua: at Tahajjud (before or after Sahri) and before/during Iftar. Please know the rules/conducts of doing dua – mentioned in the AHadith.

The final ten Days and Nights should be devoted much more seriously as the possibility of Shab-e-Qadr being in any of the last ten nights is higher.

Tawba, i.e. repentance and turning to Allah Taala seriously through giving up sins should be emphasized a lot with great importance and sincerity in Ramadan.

Listen and Read the lectures and books of the Pious and try to inculcate sincerity, purity and correct understanding of Deen.

Practice the Sunnah, know them, and become caring to follow those throughout the life.

Give up Sins: If NOT all together, start from today; start seeking diving help and making efforts. Starting reading and thinking about the afterlife.

Maintain good company: Leave the company which takes you toward sin; attach to them who inspire you to think of Your Allah and Aakhirah (afterlife).

Value the time in life: This is something everyone understands, but most people wastes the time.

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