Prepare for Holy Ramadan

Holy Ramadan is drawing near. Now is the time to prepare for it. How can you prepare for an effective Ramadan?

Increase the recitation of the Holy Quran from NOW.

No. 2
Schedule your tasks so that Ramadan can be utilized properly for good deeds. Accomplish urgent appointments before Ramadan. Also, accomplish those tasks before Ramadan that would ‘snatch away’ your valuable time in the holy month. For instance, shopping, social meetings and alike.

No. 3
Make an easy & simple routine for the good deeds: Fix up the time for recitation, dua, supererogatory prayers/salat.
With the routine, make a checklist too — this helps you to remind yourself.

No. 4
Affix the amount of money to be paid off as Zakaat & alms to the poor. Also, affix when and where would you disburse & distribute the money. You can put the money in envelopes so that there is ease in distribution.

No. 5
Do Sincere Tawba before Ramadan comes. Make the intention to change your life for the sake of Allah Taala. Become pure. Tawba should be always done. However, on the eve of Ramadan, Tawba boosts us up to make fresh efforts on Allah’s Path.

No. 6
Make your beloved family members aware of the importance and responsibilities of Ramadan. Also, provide them with the maximum support they need for a successful Ramadan.

No. 7
Discuss the importance of Ramadan with your neighbors and close relatives; also, with your colleagues/classmates and friends. Make them aware of your plans in Ramadan and inform them respectfully but clearly that you might not be available in many social gatherings due to your attention to Tilawat and Taraweeh. We should strictly avoid programs such as Iftar parties and all alike – they are just occasions that ruin our Ramadan. Even if we are bound to visit any close relatives’ home, women should take the best care of their veils and all should be aware of salat and resting-time.

No. 8
Plan a healthy diet for Ramadan. Overeating spoils up the main objective of this holy month.

No. 9
If in Ramadan, you have to be on a journey/will be traveling somewhere, or regularly on the road – on a car/bus, plan your ‘to-do’ in that situation. Manage a Quran/book/tasbeeh – whatever you’ll feel easy to carry to utilize the valuable time.

No. 10
Collect some beneficial books of the Pious and start reading them now and continue throughout Ramadan. This will boost up your Deeni Knowledge, inspire and reform your good deeds. You may collect some books on Tafseer, Sunnah, Hadith or Seerah.

No. 11
If possible, the best is to do Itekaaf on the last 10 days of Ramadan. Plan for it from now.

No. 12
Consult a pious – how should a person like you or your profession or position can best utilize Ramadan.

No. 13
Train yourself on cautiously using mobile phones, computer, and the Internet. Avoid the use of social media fully. These are the things that are already eating up our time, moreover, many people’s Imaan is under threat!

No. 14
Get ready to make the Holy Ramadan pure as much as possible by staying away from sins, bad-companies and all other means that appeal sinful acts.

No. 15
Remember, the final ten days of Ramadan are the most important. Those who neglect the blessings from the beginning, they are usually deprived of it at the end too. Therefore, please be cautious and organize yourself carefully. This world will never free you from its busyness. You have to become free from it. The occupation and workload of this world will never decrease. You have to flee from it.

No. 16
Can’t do so many things?! At least, be in the company of the pious from now on. This is a ONE-STOP effective solution to our ‘disturbed-life’. Indeed, due to making efforts in the wrong direction for a long time, we have become habituated to sinning and wasting time. We need the assistance and guidance of pious people. They will help us show how to rectify and reform. They will also advise us on how to sincerely make compensation for past mistakes.

No. 17
Fast in Shaban. Fast as many as possible in Sha’ban, the month that precedes Holy Ramadan. It is a Sunnah of Beloved Rasulullah ﷺ.

No. 18

Do a lot of Dua and seek Allah’s assistance. May He give us the ability to fast in the Sunnah way, and also make all the best efforts (through sahri, iftar, tilawat, taraweeh, itekaaf) to achieve His pleasure. Without His Command, nothing materializes.

May Allah SWT give us the ability and accept us! Aameen.

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