Learning the Recital of Holy Quran: Are we negligent?

Undoubtedly, the recitation of Holy Quran is the best form of dhikr and one of the most important worships. Being cognizant of the importance of the Holy Quran recitation and acting accordingly is a must for every Muslim. Those who do not even make an effort to do so, should be afraid that any of their excuses will not be accepted and they will be punished!

When someone is provided with the ability, the accountability for it could be accordingly weighted. Those of us who have eyes, mouth and ears should think about how much of these blessings are being spent on reciting the Holy Quran. We should contemplate over to what extent are we expressing gratitude. At least, how much are we exerting our intentions and initiatives regarding recitation of the Holy Quran, should be pondered upon.

Our status in terms of recitation of the Quran

(let’s see on which position we are in!)

The words and warnings addressed here are towards to the general masses of Muslims. Our audience is not the Huffaz and the Ulama (scholars).

From the perspective of the recitation of the Holy Quran, we have different conditions. On one hand, there are people who have not learned to recite the Quran! On the other hand, there are many who learned it in their childhood. But due to the lack of practice, they are not able to read the Quran correctly now. Many are such that they have learned it after growing up, but their level of recitation is not up to the mark. This is often due to their improper learning – they did not spend quality time while learning and practice. However, the last group of people are reciting the Quran erroneously whereas they have no attention to it! And there are also people who have learned the recitation rightly. However, a large portion of them have completely paused their learning, i.e., even if they are regularly reciting, they have no attention to continuous improvement of the recitation of the Holy Quran.

Therefore, in several ways, there is negligence towards the recital of Holy Quran by a large number of common Muslims. Whether the negligence is towards learning recitation or regular reading the Holy Quran, none should be taken lightly! All types of negligence are the result of our negligence towards the Quran. This bears the evidence of the weakness of our Imaan. This clearly demonstrates how important our relationship with Allah Almighty is! A Muslim who is far from the Quran is indeed far from Allah Almighty. The better the relationship with the Quran, hopefully, the better the relationship with Allah Almighty!

What are we required to see

Everyone should see, how is my relationship with the Quran? And to realize this, the first thing to see is the status of myself’s Quran-recitation. One’s level of recitation – how much correct it is or not will say how much relationship he has initially developed with the Quran. Although this does not fully report a person’s religious status, but it is one of the most important factors! We mention it because, someone’s rightful recitation of the Holy Quran does not mean he is undoubtedly religious! Yes, correct recitation of the Quran is of course a great virtue of a pious Muslim, not the only virtue.

The point that should be pondered upon before death

How can a Muslim imagine that he will go to the grave without the learning the recitation of the Quran?! If a Muslim get raised on the Day of Judgment with such a great shame, what greater shame (for a believer) will there be for him/her?!

Those who did not have the opportunity for any special cause, that is however a different matter. For example, someone may have become a Muslim yesterday and died today. But why did we not have the time and opportunity to pay attention to the learning of the Quran?!

Reflect on it deeply. It is necessary to see mostly on what activities are we spending this worldly life, what activities are preventing me from learning the Quran. Even those who have learned recitation rightly, see if a satisfactory amount is being recited daily.

In our life, we see feel the necessity and regret for the loss of many things. How much remorse and pain have we felt because of ‘not learning’ to read the Quran? Think: when we feel the absence of something, how we start searching it! We do not stop until you attain it. But has this ever happened to learn the Holy Quran?

Most of us Muslims today are far away from the basic education of the Quran (i.e., learning its recitation)! Allah Almighty knows how far we are from practicing the holy scripture!!

The month of the Quran comes to warn us

Ramadan, the month of Ramadan comes once a year and is a special and extensive reminder of the Quran. May the empty-hearts (which is vacant from the Holy Quran!) not remain in this state, may these lives not end in this state — the month of Ramadan is a warning and a special reminder!

Allah Almighty’s immense mercy is giving us opportunity again and again, but we keep retreating with all lame excuses!? It seems that we are busy with urgent(?!) tasks, trying to get something more profitable than giving time to the Holy Quran (how sad!). But who does not know, the Quran is the supreme commandment! Is there anything more valuable and pricier in the heavens and earth than the Quran?! Never.

Our Responsibility

Therefore, we have to undergo the hardship and sacrifice to learn and teach the Holy Quran, to spread the its teachings, and to undertake initiative to do all these.

Those who have never learned must start learning as soon as possible. Those who have learned and forgotten, have to restart the learning! Those who have learned may progress further and increase the quality and quantity of daily recitation, InshaAllah!

As said before, a good relationship with the Quran means good relationship with Allah Almighty and His Messenger ﷺ. From Whom and on whom was this glorious final revelation and divine command come to?! Contemplate over the magnitude of the Quran! Until death (in fact, never), no one will be able to realize the exalted status and wonderful infinite power of the Quran. This Quran has honored us, benefitting us eternally, which is the only means of salvation in this world and hereafter!

There should be no more negligence towards the Holy Quran! In this holy month of Ramadan, the month of revelation of the Quran, let’s make a firm vow that I will never be separated from the Quran! I myself will connect to the Quran, I will also connect my family with the Quran as well, InshaAllah.

We ask Allah Almighty for the ability of Quran recitation and acting upon it correctly, and also ask for Allah’s love through it, seek relief from all our shortcomings and difficulties, and above all seek refuge from Hellfire, and seek abode in the Paradise, the place of His eternal pleasure, through the intercession of His Words (Quran)!

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