First Night & Day of Ramadan

As we pass the first night and day of Ramadan, we should deeply contemplate on the eternal blessings of Allah Almighty and do a lot of shukr, i.e. express gratitude to Allah wholeheartedly.

Besides so many blessings, Alhamdulillah, Allah Subhanu wa Taala has blessed us with yet another Holy Ramadan.

We should make a firm intention to live as a Mu’min (a believer who sincerely carries on good actions), do tauba sincerely (return to Allah’s obedience through repentance) and start good-actions afresh.

Saiyeduna Abu Hurayrah radiallahu anhu reports that beloved Prophet ﷺ said (meaning): When the first night of Ramadan enters, the Shayateen (the devils) and rebellious Jinnat are chained, the doors of Jahannam are shut off and no door remains open, the doors of Jannah are opened and no door remains closed, and a caller announces: ‘O the one seeking piety and good, advance. O the one seeking evil, restrain (from your evil).’ And Allah Almighty emancipates many souls from the fire of Jahannam (i.e. Hell), and this transpires every night throughout the month of Ramadan. Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah

– Highly protect the honor and respect of this month. It is the month of Quran Revelation.
– Increase good actions. Besides the Fardh and Waajib actions, increase the recitation of holy Quran, nawafil (supererogatory actions) — especially, be more kind to people and generously do sadaqa (i.e. give charity in all good forms).
– Make the best effort to attain Taqwa. Refrain from all types of sins and develop this practice in the intention to build up this habit throughout the year. Remember, when we initiate our efforts, divine support comes in our favor!



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