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Hajj: Part 3

When someone has intended for Hajj, it is important that s/he does Tawba. Allah Taala loves the servant who repents and remorse. Tawba consists of three major ingredients:

  1. cease to do the sin
  2. have remorse and repentance in the heart
  3. make a firm intention not to repeat the sin

In case of salat, zakaat etc. which are the Haq (right) of Allah there is ruling of compensation (qadha, repayment etc). In case of geebat, oppression etc. which are people’s Haq (right), there are rulings of Tawba. A sincere Muslim never gets anxious to compensate. Rather, he gets anxious to die without compensation. Therefore, he exerts all efforts to know the rulings and carries on Tawba accordingly. Allah Taala makes the road of Tawba very easy for a sincere servant. There are millions of stories to relate. In our site, we have important posts on Tawba. Please read those. A few important links are:

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If time is very short (before your Hajj flight) for detail-Tawba, you should not get disappointed and cease the Tawba process. You should seek Allah’s guidance and start doing Tawba for all possible sins. Communicate people whom you owe money or whom you have somehow harmed, repay and compensate them in best possible ways; if that is not possible immediately, seek their apology and forgiveness sincerely and humbly; tell them your firm and sincere intention to pay back as soon as possible. Pious Ulama has affirmed that sincere efforts as such will bring down the aid of Allah. Any complicated situation should be consulted with local pious Alim.

Tawba’s necessity is essential at every point of a believer’s life. Neglecting it before Hajj is piteous.

Preparation of Hajj is not only managing the passport, ticket and packing up luggage. Rather, setting out in Allah’s Court should firstly make the servant think of worthlessness all together. This would automatically drive him prepare spiritually. A believer’s thoughts and efforts encompass the consequences of afterlife. Therefore, every preparation of Hajj is related to the attainment of Allah’s Pleasure, nothing else.

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