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Hajj: Part 2

Primary Key of Ibadat: Right intention is the primary key and condition to make our good deeds accepted in the Court of Allah Taala. If we accomplish tons of good deeds and the intention is something else other than Allah’s pleasure, we are at a complete loss. On the other hand, if we accomplish little good deeds with the right intention (i.e. only to please Allah), there is hope that the little will return with lofty rewards for us.

Hajje Mabroor (Hajj that is accepted in the Court of Allah) demands the same, intention which encapsulates nothing, but only Allah’s pleasure. We should purify our intention before this noble Ibadat. If there is other intentions or any intention mixed up, let us renew our purpose and become very keen to perform Hajj only for the pleasure of Allah! Only one Hajj with Allah’s pleasure can turn my filthy life into a bright one! Whereas, many Hajj with improper aim and objective will be no value.

Only one or very few chances in life: Note that the opportunity of saying prayers and all other Ibadat comes much more frequently in life, however, Hajj opportunity usually comes only once or a very few times in life. Moreover, the first Hajj is the Fard one, which has no match to the Nafl – may several times are performed later.

No way to brag and boast: Remember my friend! Allah Taala has absolutely “no need and necessity” from us and anybody or anything, but the whole creation all together and every single element and individual – separately is in absolute need and necessity of Allah’s help and support. As a Muslim, it is an integral and essential condition that we believe this firmly; and keeping this firm belief, we do not forget our accountability at Allah’s Court in the afterlife. Therefore, we are in stark necessity that our intention, preparation and attitude is positive, i.e. shariah compliant. A believer’s reliance is not on materials. Money, knowledge, qualification, health, authority and all such worldly matters are helpless and worthless when the decree of Allah stands against these. The Qur’an has related not one story, but innumerable in this regard. However, very few pay heed among us to those warnings. And how many incidents daily we come across that bear witness that ultimately man is totally helpless with all his will, health, wealth and power!

A Muslim should always uphold the fear that only for bragging and boasting, all my laborious-ibadat would spoil, and with tons of salat, sadaqa, Umra and hajj I might get caught in the court of Allah! Of course, when there will be remorse in our hearts for wrongdoings and we would appropriately regret our mistakes, Allah Taala would forgive us. Therefore, we need to clean our intention with Istegfar and Tawba whenever we discover a contaminated thought in our Hajj-intention. Indeed, this is not only in the case of Hajj. For all Ibadat the right intention (only pleasing Allah) is an essential prerequisite.

Alarming prediction in Hadith: We should fear the following Hadith of Beloved Rasulullah ﷺ where it is mentioned clearly: A time would come upon people when the rich will perform Hajj for recreation, the middle-class people will perform Hajj for business, the poor will perform Hajj for alms and the Ulama and Qari will perform Hajj for name and fame. May Allah Taala save us from all such purposes in such a noble cause! Aameen.

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