Blessed Ramadan is approaching – 2

Ramadan is the time and period which bears unprecedented blessings from Allah Taala and provides the greatest chances ever to change a sinful life to a life of piety and prosperity. Heedlessness in Ramadan is very unfortunate. According to AHadith, a Ramadan passed with sincerity and obedience will result in peace and tranquillity throughout the rest of the year. Pious scholars have emphasized caring and adorning Ramadan and mentioned that it is a means through which a U-turn is possible in life, and it is due to the plentiful of Rahma, Barakah and Maghfirat being showered throughout the month, which cannot be compared to any other time in the year. Allah Taala’s Mercy captures more intensely and more generously in this month – allowing many sinful to erase their sins through little efforts.

We have very well understood the business seasons and various opportunities of this world that opens up prospects to earn and achieve more. However, we have understood very little the seasons which bring in Allah Taala’s Mercy in abundance and make us successful both in this world and in the eternal afterlife. Ramadan is the season to earn Allah Taala’s proximity; it is the season to earn Allah Taala’s forgiveness most easily. While mentioning the easiest way to establish love with Allah Taala, Mufti Taqi Usmani (db) pointed out his Shaykh’s [Shaykh Abdul Hai Arefi (R) ] words. Shaykh Arefi (R) said, “In Ramadan, Allah Taala has bestowed us with an opportunity of Taraweeh prayers, which allows us to make 40 extra sajdahs (prostration), and it is through sajdah (prostration), a servant of Allah can get closest to Allah. This is how deeper proximity is possible between Allah Taala and His servant in this blessed month.” Mufti Taqi (db) explains Allah Taala is very near to us, even nearer to our jugular vein. However, we, the servants are remaining far from Allah through being unmindful and committing sins. When we prostrate, we go near Allah Taala. This has been stated by Allah Taala in the last verse of Sura Alaq [which is a verse of sajdah (prostration) ]; it says (meaning): Bow down in sajdah, and come closer (to me) [Sura Alaq: 19]

Allah Taala is offering His Proximity and Love to us. He had also vividly informed us of the way to achieve so! The more sajdah, the more proximity to Allah! And what is a greater opportunity than Ramadan, which we should utilize and take full advantage of?

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