How is going to be my End

Shaikh Shibli (R) used to say, “O the Lord of Unseen! If I knew what is my status to You? And how would You treat me finally? O the One Who Forgives sins and change the heart! How is going to be my end!”

Then he would recite the following words:

“Oh! Only if I knew how my discussion goes on – is it positive or negative? Is it with hatred or with praise? By the Lord – Who knows all the secret matters! Oh! If I only knew what would be my situation on the Day of Resurrection?! Oh if I knew whether I’ll die with belief or with kufr (unbelief)? Do you think whether my request would be accepted or not? Or whether my heart will be broadened? Oh! If I only knew whether I’ll enter into Hell or Heaven! You people better stop praising me! Because I know my state much better.”

From ‘Nujhatul Basatin” of Shaikh Yafeyi Yamini (R)

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