Have we started

We lag behind exerting our efforts to forward ourselves in Deeni matters,  because of intending comprehensive arrangements and setting exquisite accomplishments. As we have never even started to the minimal degree, the day of perfection of ‘comprehensive arrangements and exquisite accomplishments’ never materializes; consequently, we fall further behind!

Even many people never realize this throughout their life and death approaches all of a sudden. However, in worldly matters, take for example a carrier-building of a very highly ambitious man. He has a starting, he may have to initialize with a meager income. Never is the outset of preparation and planning so thorough and perfect. Patience and hard work one day reach him the fruit he dreamt of. It is just as if someone is aiming to reach the Mount, but now he is just at its foot. Let the conditions be quite adverse now, he starts up! He does not wait for the weather to be the most favorable, because, he knows very well that waiting for “the best” or “the most favorable” weather would only make him fall behind! His hurdle needs to be started right now and with very little steps. The hurdle requires to be commenced. One day this ‘little pace’ would bear positive fruit – he would reach the goal (InshaAllah). Anyone ignoring to make a start-up will never be able to reach the peak.

We are similarly planning to reach the pinnacle on Allah’s Path, but there are absolutely no efforts now, we just haven’t started! For instance, we are dreaming to become a great Zaakir, but hadn’t started up even with “100 times سبحان الله (Subhan’Allāh)” daily!

Therefore, let’s start today and right now.


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