Time to speed up to Get Closer to Allah

[This is the Editorial of Monthly IslamInLife Magazine’s Ramadan 1441 issue, which can be found here: www.islaminlife.com/magazines]

A very unusual situation has surrounded us. The world has seen wars, calamities, and catastrophes. The present one is completely a new one. Probably, amid this completely distinctive situation, Ramadan will already have set in. We do supplicate to Allah Taala that by the time we get relieved or at least, the situation eases.

Indeed, this world is a test. Nothing is taking place here without the divine decree. There is explicit differences between a believer of divine revelation (Muslim) and an unbeliever (non-Muslim). For a believer, reasoning, analysis, research and conclusions conducted by scientists, philosophers, newsmen, economists, socialists, and thinkers fall into lesser consideration. The divine message is of top priority, ultimate and absolute. Yes, it is simply so regarding any matters of the world and afterlife. Blaming the Muslims against prejudice or bigotry would fetch no rational point. All quarters are submitting somewhere, at some point. Every school of thought, theory, and understanding is reaching conclusions. Starting from business to political standpoints, every unit of the group related to any field is sticking to its principles. Therefore, when it comes to the serious consideration of bowing down in front of the supreme creator, why should a sensible mind refuse it by calling it bigotry?! Manmade and man-derived matters or conclusions could be questionable, but not the divine decreed ones.

People of profound knowledge are the ones who submit to and acknowledge the Creator’s decree wholeheartedly without a question. They admit that the littlest to the biggest phenomenon in the whole creation is a result of Allah’s command.

Therefore, today’s test is also explicit, so is its result. The situation is as if a bundle of questions thrown to the humanity! How we react and response makes our stance clear. Regardless we do it individually or in a group, we’re making our stances quite clear. We will be clearly exhibited and exposed all our doings here today – on the formidable Day of Resurrection! Please remind how the Creator, Himself warns us:

[Meaning]: O mankind, indeed you are laboring toward your Lord with [great] exertion and will meet it. Then as for he who is given his record in his right hand, He will be judged with an easy account; And return to his people in happiness. But as for he who is given his record behind his back; He will cry out for destruction. [Sura Inshiqaq: 6-11]

Finally, amid this grave situation, taking up several challenges, Muslims around the world are now in a very special month of the lunar year – the Holy Ramadan. Let us turn to Allah fully. Let us make the best effort to refine completely. Many brothers and sisters have already passed away, (maybe) never ever imagining that this Ramadan is NOT for them! What is fooling ‘us’ and ‘why’ should be the simple, awe-striking question.

Allah alone is sufficient for us!

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