The Reason for Misery and its Solution

Understand one point very clearly: if you are in trouble, if you think you are in big trouble may it be any kind of problem – if you are a real believer, a genuine one…..if you believe that the Lord of this Universe is behind (putting you into) this problem, then remember – probably you have done something wrong. Violating His Orders fetch most of the troubles in our life. We must understand this. Most of the problems are due to our bad deeds, i.e. sins. So we need to Satisfy Him – Satisfy Allah Taala. People who realize this will soon make Tawba and people who will not realize this and rather claim to be ‘innocent’ will NOT make Tawba and consequently the latter will suffer even more. Not praying 5 times a day? Seeing evil things (men mainly fall into this trap)? Listening to Music? Mixing freely with opposite sex? Not paying heed to Veil (if you are a woman, covering your body is Compulsory in front of Ghaiyre Mahram – ones who are not permitted to see you)? Engaged in Haraam? While engrossed in these sins committing you expect peace and tranquility in life my dear friend? Peace is not for a disobediant servant! If you turn to Allah Taala today, at least make the intention and initiate accomplishing good deeds, start compensation from now – inshallah you will get Allah Taala very close, very close and really supporting. Just as our Beloved Rasulullah ﷺ informed (meaning), “…..if you walk towards Allah, His Blessing come Running toward you” – Do believe it. Blaming other people and complaining about what and why these unfortunate incidents are occurring in your life will not take you to Jannah. It will never solve your problem and afflictions. It will neither save you from the Torment of Grave nor save you from Hell Fire! Violating Allah Taala’s Command will never bring peace in our life! Just doing some good deeds and disobeying Allah Taala in all other walks of life is like mocking at Allah Taala and will result in His Wrath!

Especially today many Muslims are NOT even aware of the Basic Beliefs and Concepts of Islam. This is very unfortunate! We don’t even know in what sins we’re getting involved, whereas those sins are major and big ones. Like: Back bitting, getting involved in transaction of interest, free mixing with opposite sex, leading a carefree life without prayers and so on. Death is surely drawing near. Just admitting that you are a sinner – will not save you my friend! Repent and change your life. Act upon the good deeds today and now. Follow your Prophet ﷺ. He is your Guardian in every step of life. Don’t come up with foolish and baseless reasons why has life become so unhappy today! It is sins, for which we are unhappy and full of problems in life. Allah Taala will help us only we can repent and compensate in time! Else there is eternal trouble and danger right after death. May Allah Taala save us all! May He make us His obedient servant. May Allah Taala refrain us from giving lame excuses and may He grant us Pure Tawba – Sincere Repentance! Ameen!

Remember! Most of the problems and troubles come in our life for our sins. If we don’t find immediate ways to refrain from all the sins right now, still there is way by the Grace of Allah Taala. The Ulama will guide you if you consult them! Today we have grown a habit of self explanation and self understanding regarding Islam. This is very harmful. We have to reform our lives according to Guidance from Quran and Sunnah. Allah Taala has preserved the Ulama for providing Guideline to abide by Quran and Sunnah. O Allah! Provide us Your Help! Ameen!

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