The Actions that always require Practice and Care

  • Sincerity, that is, doing every good deed to earn the pleasure of Allah alone
  • Recitation of the Holy Quran (Learning and reading by yourself, teaching/helping others)
  • Praying in the congregation (women at home — in time)
  • Supplication or Dua (engage in it as much as possible)
  • Practice the regular Sunnah (Say Bismillah before every good deed, do miswak, exchange salaam and so on.
  • Engage in Zikr, i.e. the remembrance of Allah and Fikr, i.e. ponder on the bounties of Allah and creations of Allah (Occasional recitation of Istighfar, Salaam and Salawat — Dorud Sharif, and  SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, La-Ilaha Illallah, Allahu Akbar whenever possible; also fix up some time to do these Zikr)
  • Trying to acquire knowledge of religion (regularly reading religious books in the presence of scholars)
  • Engage and engross in gratitude for all the blessings
  • Be frim at worship, refraining from sins and at times of difficulties; rely on Allah and pray to Him, Almighty
  • Contemplate on Allah’s creation and His supreme and majestic Power through Muraqaba
  • Make some time for self-accountability; reform and rectify according to the daily actions
  • Make the best effort to pursue Halal income and all provisions
  • Engage in charity as much as possible; help the needy, poor, especially the neighbors and relatives
  • Sit and spend time in the pious company (especially the scholars), abandon all bad company, humans and all evil (i.e. the means of sins)
  • Be kind to all (especially juniors and subordinates, poor and weak)
  • Fulfill  the rights of family members, neighbors and close relatives
  • Make a sincere effort to make the family and community pious
  • Engage in the service of Khalq – the creation of Allah as much as possible
  • Always repent for sins
  • Remember death, grave and the final abode

Always keep the following three books; read and study them as much as you can:

* Uswaye Rasul-e-Akraam ﷺ, this book is also called Sunnah Diary. Collected and written Shaikh Abdul Hai Arefi Rahimahullah

* Munajat-e-Maqbool, A wonderful collection of the supplications of the Quran and Hadith. Hakeemul Ummat Shaikh Ashraf Ali Thanvi Rahimahullah

* Dil ki Dunya, by Mufti Muhammad Shafi Rahimahullah. A small but wonderful guide for self-reformation.

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