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Reading Biography of Pious can equally be Beneficial

A spiritual aspirant (Mureed) wrote this question in a letter to Hakeemul Ummah Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (R). Following the question is the reply given by Shaikh Thanvi (R).

Question: This humble is still engaged in studying and teaching. The Nafs (lower self) is still attracted to unnecessary and immoral deeds. On the other hand, the Qalb (heart)’s attraction is toward good deeds. This is how at the present time is passing by. Thoughts arise: Ah! Had it been such that never would I be negligent in Zikrullah (Remembrance of Allah Taala), had much more broadness be created in my heart! However, for this, probably the company of a Shaikh is essential. As earning is also important, so it is not being possible for me to stay in a spiritual mentor’s company. What may I do at this state?

Reply: At this state, regularly reading the biographies of the Friends of Allah Taala, and reading their life-incidents and always studying their words & discourses would inshallah be equally important as the Company of a Shaikh. If you keep on studying my discourses regularly, all the complaints would soon be removed inshaAllah.

(Tarbiyatus Salek)

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