Read the Unparalleled Life of the Final Messenger ﷺ

An appeal to everyone is, read the life of the Final Messenger. Think over and ruminate on the various aspects of his life. Try to perceive why the Final Messenger and Last Prophet – Muhammad (ﷺ – in abundance!) is the Best of Creations and the ideal for mankind.

A Muslim should inquire to him/herself – how much close could I reach to the practices of Muhammad ﷺ’s life(?) Does our life’s dos and donts match with the dos and donts of the life of Muhammad ﷺ? The answer would be sufficient to assess our status as both – a servant of Allah Taala and a human.

Every Muslim in the world is aware of who the Final Messenger was and what his mission was, how we (the Muslims and all mankind) relate to him, what Allah Taala has commanded us regarding him and what his dignity and status is. The total life-guidance has been provided by our Beloved Prophet ﷺ’s stainless life, which has been preserved NOT ONLY in books, but through lives of noble people, who till today bear it since his time. Unfortunately, the deception of this world has distracted many Muslims from this point and they have moved away far from the ideal thoughts and works for which the Prophetic Way had been established. The lessons from the life of our Beloved Master, Guide and Prophet Muhammad ﷺ has been neglected so much that many Muslims today have fallen off in terms of the basic tenets of beliefs; a lot of mischief and wrongdoings have entered into their daily activities – be it directly related to worship or not.

How shocking, we, the Muslims, remember and discuss the bounties and blessings bestowed by Allah Taala; however, we forget that how Allah Taala Himself has mentioned the high status and dignity of His Final Messenger to whole mankind and prescribed his noble & stainless life as the only Path of Salvation for mankind. In fact, it is our moral obligation to express high gratitude to the Noble Soul, who had been the median of ‘Hidayat’ (Righteous Path) for us, and certainly there is no alternative to his Noble Path.

Any confusion, any question and any excuse regarding ‘following the Prophetic Way’ is truly nothing but deficiency in understanding or knowledge and above all very very weak Iman or Faith. People who feel that the Prophetic guidance is incomplete or questionable – questionable is indeed their Iman or Divine Faith – may Allah Taala protect us!

Not very elaborate discussion, but a glimpse of the Prophet’s noble and stainless life would make anyone wonder and worry how could this ‘life’ in  history been missed by him/her, when it is the life of that Man, who has been chosen as the Best of Human and sent as the Final Messenger by the Creator with the Creator’s Final Revelation – yet in a very stylish way! Among the non-Muslims, every poet, every scientist, every socialist, every political figure, every thinker, every philosopher and every one, who has read or listened to the Holy Qur’an had completely gone spellbound and their conscience simply bowed down in front of It. Many have embraced the truth with immense delight and joy – discovering the greatest achievement of life, knowing the Lord and Master of this Universe. They embraced Islam with humble subservience, highly repentant as to why it was so late to realize.

The Architect of Mankind has wonderfully depicted the ins and outs of His Mastery, which a single man, who is only a creation, can never claim or describe in such a manner. Therefore, since today the ones, who opened their mind and heart, and stepped forward to read and pay some heed what the Final Messenger has to say and inform (through the Quran), gazed in wonder! Wow!!! This was the missing piece of my life! These words seem to have ‘no match’ with the words of a human! Certainly, these are the Words of SomeOne, Who is the Creator and Sustainer. His claims seem to simply ‘best-fit’ – vivid and coherent by all means!

So, what does the Final Revelation, the Holy Qur’an say? Again, just a glimpse is sufficient! These are a few verses from Sura Mu’minoon of the Holy Qur’an (translation of course): And We have created man from an extract of clay. [12] Then We made him a sperm-drop in a firm resting place. [13] Then We made the sperm-drop into a clot, then We turned the clot into a foetus-lump, then We made the foetus-lump into bones, then We clothed the bones with flesh; thereafter We developed it into another creature. So, glorious is Allah, the Best of the creators. [14] Then, after all this, you are to die. [15] Then you are to be raised again on the Day of Judgment. [16]

Definitely, if someone misses what Muhammad ﷺ has been provided with, the miss would be an ‘uncompensable’ one, and it would be so only because of one’s own negligence! Therefore, today and now is the time in our life that we start reading the Holy Qur’an and Seerah (Biography) of Muhammad ﷺ.

In fact, the Noble Life of Muhammad ﷺ is the live -demonstration of what the Holy Qur’an has said to the mankind. If someone seeks Guidance i.e. divine guidance, it is definitely present in every aspect of Muhammad ﷺ’s Noble Life. What is the Message to Mankind from Allah Taala has been demonstrated and clarified by series of events throughout his life – every event of this ideal man is an epitome for all human beings in the respective situation.

Therefore, every one, a Muslim or a non-Muslim should go through the Noble Life of the Final Messenger with sincerity of heart. The least what could be achieved by it is, the lucid understanding of how should be an ideal man and the most valuable outcome would be, no doubt, the achievement of Righteous Path and entrance of its glowing light into our heart (may we crave for it and May Allah Taala bless us with it!); not to mention, the latter would certainly be a priceless return!

Finally, we request humbly, download and read this please, a book by Shaykh A’id ibn ‘Abdullah al-Qarni (May Allah Taala prolong his shelter upon us!) [He is the writer of the famous book – La Tahzan,  Don’t be Sad – translated in English]: Muhammad As If You Can See Him

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