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Life of Grave: Transit to Afterlife – 1

We, the Muslims believe it and hold firm faith that right after death starts the transitory life of Alam-e-Barzakh, the life of Grave. Mufti Taqi Usmani (DB) related a very interesting story which was narrated by his noble father, Mufti Shafi Saheb (R) regarding the life of Grave. It is indeed very interesting and worthy of taking a lesson. Therefore, we present it for our readers:

Once some Mureeds or disciples asked their Shaikh (Instructor, Spiritual Mentor), “O Shaikh! Had it been such that a person came back to this life of the world for a while after leaving it, i.e. after death! We could at least listen from him about the afterlife – the happenings there. But no one ever comes.” This was a desire they placed with great zeal to their Shaikh. The Shaikh said, “Well, this is not possible due to Allah’s command, however, if I die before you (the Shaikh was old and senior to them too) why don’t you do one thing? When you lay my body into the grave, put there a pen and paper beside my body. What you do after a couple of days is, dig it out and see what information you get there.”

This made the disciples contented.

It so happened that the Shaikh died before his disciples. The disciples with enthusiasm did exactly what their respected Shaikh had instructed – after a couple of days of their Shaikh’s burial, they dug out the paper and had a look at it with excitement. To their surprise, they saw something written on it! It read, “Here everything can be seen only and cannot be explained or communicated to you.”

This is what the fact is. The Grave life is completely unimaginable and separate from this worldly life. For this reason, it is important just to hold firm faith in the events described in the Quran and Hadith regarding Alam-e-Barzakh, the Life of Grave. In that transitory period of the Grave-Life man is being rewarded or punished too. From this life of the world neither can we see nor can we imagine it. As the life of this world is a test, Allah Taala has concealed the happenings of the Grave life from our eyes. However, seldom Allah Taala exposes the punishment and torments of Grave and makes us, the living people aware. There is great Hikmah, i.e wisdom in it.

Besides discussing the concepts and beliefs of Grave life, we would inshallah relate some real stories of the past and present relating to the life of the grave, which would help us raise Iman and be careful and caring toward following the commandments of Allah.

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