Islamophobia has been a deep conspiracy since the Messengers of Allah Taala have imparted the truth. At every age, the phenomena have been quite similar. The word might have evolved with the change of place and time (of course, Islamophobia is probably the latest term); however, the treacheries stem from the same group of people.

This conspiracy is not new
Among the people who disbelieved and disobeyed the divine revelations, a particular class would intensely provoke their folk against Islam. The reason was to instigate hatred and antagonism against Islam. These activities have been continuing till today and are the usual course of action in opposing and bashing the truth. Islamophobia is just one such single effort.

The most wicked quarters of society always tend to disrupt harmony and peace with evil intentions. People from any group, class, or religion would sensibly say ‘no’ and unwelcome their ventures. Human conscience never allows such evil-doers to become active.

However, the evil would be prevalent and they would try their level best to spread anarchy and mischief in society, country, and world. Therefore, there should be a strong resistance against the wrongdoers at every threshold of their plans. Otherwise, situations would only deteriorate through their evil acts.

Those who have even the slightest knowledge of history, are well aware that Islam had never ruled the world unjustly and never oppressed the weak. Islam’s teaching strictly prohibits all unjust ways of treating people. Even the rulers of Islam had to stick to the same principle of ‘God-fearing’, i.e. Taqwa, which the general Muslim mass require to do. The premise of ‘fearing Allah’ creates a wonderful social, economical and political system all through.

Our responsibility
Therefore, any terms like Islamophobia are only an evil and failing attempt to defame Islam. Every Muslim should hold firm the invincible truth backed up by divine revelation. Every non-Muslim in search of truth should become more aware of any vile trickery at this period of information bombardment. Every cognizant person should look for the truth with a sincere heart and get the answer to “What is ‘indeed phobic’ and what things have been labeled ‘phobic’ with a vile reason.”

Our foremost appeal to every Muslim is, know your identity and worth. Know your destiny and path. The light of the Quran and Sunnah have shown the path of eternal success in this world and the afterlife. There is absolutely no room to become inferior or think likewise only because of wrongful and slanderous circulation in the media and public.

This is the Editorial of Safar 1441 Issue of Monthly Islam In Life Magazine


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