Internet Warning: Points to Ponder for a Muslim

This world is the place where we have been sent for test. We are being testified by Allah Taala minutely. Every step must be carefully given because there are evil everywhere. Everywhere there are risks, problems and threats. A believer should pay greatest attention to the risk of going astray, he should watch out cautiously the continuous threats against Iman and Good Deeds, which are triggered by shaytan and nafs.

That doesn’t mean that the believers are helpless and lost. That doesn’t mean that the believers have to lose hope and sit disheartened. Against all mischief and evil Allah Taala has provided support and resistance. In fact, all good and evil are the creation of Allah Taala; there is great wisdom in creating each and every thing. Allah Taala, Himself has created the evils too and engaged those against us and this act of Allah Taala is definitely out of great wisdom that is beyond our comprehension. Allah Taala has provided proper guidance for each and every situation of life. A believer should not lose hope. With courage and support of Allah Taala, a Muslim has to move forward guarding his Iman (faith) and reforming his deeds. Allah Taala didn’t provide the evils such strength that they could easily overpower us. Moreover, a person who seeks refuge correctly in Allah Taala, has been promised to be protected.

In this  worldly life, i.e. the life of test, new challenges and new situations arise. Trials and tribulations evoke. Many general Muslims overlook those; they take these lightly. The contemporary pious elders make people aware of all evils appearing in different forms. However, still a large number of Muslims don’t pay heed to their warnings. Such carelessness arises due to very very weak Iman. The harm done caused by fitna is often a long-lasting one. Some are often severely felt in this world, many will be unveiled in the afterlife. The suffering there (in the afterlife) will be much more intense and that will be the everlasting one (May Allah save us).

Just take one example: The Internet. It is a BIG TRIAL for the believers. A Believer will definitely keep himself far off from music, obscenity, vulgarity and aimless matters. Moreover, he will continue the fight against shaytan & his nafs and oppose all the worthless things. Most of such harmful invitation and provocations are widely and shamelessly spread through the Internet.

In the name of social networking and other guises, people are attaching to time-killing, unnecessary and haraam activities. As a Muslim can never tolerate unnecessary time consumption, how could s/he bear to engage in something that had been announced downright haraam? Allah Taala and Rasul ﷺ have warned against every evil precisely and vividly. There is clear choice between the good and bad, sacred and evil. A great amount of invitations, urges and appeals of the media and internet are haraam and and a Muslim will forgo all such things. A Muslim cannot endure the slightest loss of Aakhirah by embracing a  matter of this world, be how useful and lucrative the latter (worldly matter) may seem. How could he then accept such evils, which would destroy both this worldly life and the afterlife? Almost all the invitations, urges and appeals which are entrapping people in the internet are baseless, shameless and aimless. If one argues that this and that have benefits like so and so, do check out the other side of those please! If any invitation or urge has any demerit or harm involved, usually it is so intense and severe that a single harm and demerit alone will suffice to destroy morality of a human being. Always perform a check; compare between the merits and demerits. See to what extent one is good and to what extent it is bad. Take for instance, the use of – so many people meeting together and communicating each another there. Be aware! This is only a headline and title…what’s behind the scene? Rather, we should admit how well exposed its negative sides are in front of all of us today. The lovers of this world have gathered there to fulfill their sensual desires. Reckless shamelessness is being demonstrated in various ways. The ones who have no faith in the afterlife and craves for the momentary benefits of worldly life only, have taken full advantage there. That is their place to rejoice and enjoy. A believer craves for the Love and Pleasure of Allah, a believer cherishes the dream of dwelling in Jannah forever. How could a believer imagine to waste his time and energy on such issues which attach haraam? Anyone sensible, anyone with little intellect could conclude that a greater part of such networking will cause great harm. If a Muslim’s Iman is hurt, he is no doubt in great jeopardy. The first and foremost attack of ‘facebook-like fitna’ is against our Iman. Therefore, by no means a Muslim can tolerate it. How could then a Muslim have an account in If a site can be harmful for the Ummah’s Iman at large, how could one Muslim tolerate maintaining his/her account in it? One Muslim of our country had deleted his facebook account and said, “In facebook my friends and acquaintances send their wives pictures; whenever I log into my accounts, those are on the screen. This is not for which I had opened this account.” Today, this is a bit of an example for the Ummah.

When the fitna and all mischief are becoming so rife, a cautious Muslim has to be more cautious. He should look into the Quran and Hadith, what had been informed about the ages and times before Qiyamah, what guidelines have been given for such a time. May Allah Taala provide us proper understanding and also the Tawfeeq to act upon it!

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