A Descendent of the STARs

Well known as Shaikh Hafejji Hujur (May Allah Taala illuminate his grave with Noor!), Mawlana Muhammadullah Hafejji Hujur Saheb (R) was a Khalifa of Hakeemul Ummah Shaikh Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (R). By the grace of Allah Taala there are some Khalifas of Shaikh Hafejji Hujur (R) still alive and doing the work of Deen with great dedication. Among them is a Shaikh, who is by profession an Electrical Engineer, but has attained the sacred knowledge of Deen (Ilm), piety and spiritual guidance from Scholars like Shaikh Mawlana Hafejji Hujur (R) and Shaikh Mawlana Abrarul Haq (R), both are Khalifa of  Hakeemul Ummah (R). This Shaikh (Engineer by profession and still in teaching) is also known as Professor Shaikh (DB); he is our highly respected and beloved — Shaikh Professor Muhammad Hameedur Rahman Saheb (DB).

At present, Shaikh Professor Muhammad Hameedur Rahman Saheb (DB) is over 70, but very actively making vigorous efforts to disseminate the Dawah of Haq; we humbly pray to Allah Taala for his long and healthy life. We pray that the whole Ummah may able to gain more and more benefits from him and all such pious! This Shaykh travels from one corner to another across Bangladesh for spreading the light of Deen and has mureeds all over the world. He set up many maktab and madrasah and always emphasizes the high importance of Deeni education. His lectures and talks are usually simple but very catchy for both the barren and thirsty hearts. In his talks, he keeps on reciting the verses of Holy Quran and states the meaning very clearly and always mentions the teachings of three Buzurgs: Hakeemul Ummah (R), Shaikh Hafejji Hujur (R) and Shaikh Abrarul Haq (R). Shaikh Professor Muhammad Hameedur Rahman (DB) spent significant amount of time for Islah and Tarbiyah with the last two pious and both of them mantled the Khilafat upon him! Senior Ulama of Bangladesh attend his talks and highly praise and respect Shaikh Muhammad Hameedur Rahman (DB)’s efforts for Deen, and indeed this  Shaykh himself is today among the Senior Ulama of Bangladesh! Shaikh Hameedur Rahman (DB) Saheb’s first Shaykh – Mawlana Hafejji Hujur (R) declared him ‘an Alim without an institutional certificate’.

In fact, Shaikh Muhammad Hameedur Rahman (DB) is a descendant of the stars of Islam!

Inshaallah we will try to present malfuzaat from the Shaykh’s lectures, so that all Muslims can benefit from his invaluable advice!

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