Akhlaq-Self ReformationEasy Good Deeds

A Short & Regular Checklist for Self-evaluation and reformation

These are a few but the most important actions every Muslims should practice regularly:

  • Attend Deeni/religious gatherings and site with the pious and saintly people
  • Practice the Sunnah in the walk of life as much as possible
  • Say prayers in congregation as much as possible (for men)
  • Say prayers in time at home (for women)
  • Make the best effort to abandon sins
  • Interact and speak truthfully in all the circles (family, neighbors, associates and friends)
  • Express gratitude to Allah for His blessings and bounties
  • Read & study Deeni (religious) books
  • Carefully try to behave well with all, both seniors and juniors
  • Make efforts to overcome laziness in accomplishing good deeds
  • Cautious and caring about own-faults, not finding, researching or talking about others fault(s)
  • Pursue Halaal and NOT Haraam income
  • Seek Allah’s assistance and help through dua (supplications)
  • Recite the Holy Quran every day
  • Remember death

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