Resist the Wrong through Wisdom

Hazrat Shah Ishaq (R) once intended to visit the grave of Hazrat Moinuddin Chisti (R) (in Ajmeer, India) while going to Hajj. A student of Hazrat Shah Ishaq (R) lived in Ajmeer. Hazrat informed his student that he is going to visitAjmeer mentioning the purpose. In response to his Shaykh (R), the student replied to him requesting that he may not come to Ajmeer and visit the Grave of Hazrat Moinuddin Chisti (R).

The student stated, “I strictly forbid the people staying far away to attend this place in the purpose of visiting graves. Because people are violating the rulings of Shariah while doing so. Therefore, in this situation if you come to this place, it is possible for me to explain this to very few people that this Shaykh hasn’t come here in view to visit grave; rather he just was crossing the place while his journey to Hajj and on his way he visited the grave Hazrat Moinuddin Chisti (R). However, most people will not be aware of the fact and and would not understand the matter. People will indulge in wrong (Bid’at/Innovations) and continue to visit the grave of the Pious with wrong beliefs which I am trying utmost to resist.”

Hazrat Shah Ishaq (R) replied to his student, “It is unbearable for me that I will pass this place and I won’t visit the grave of this Pious. However, the reason for which you are forbidding me to come is also also right. Yes, one trick can be played to resist the wrong and also accomplish my work. That is, when I’ll visit this place you may arrange an assembly where you would separately discuss the wrong practices regarding visiting graves of the Pious. I will also inshaAllah participate in that gathering. At the end of the gathering I will announce in public that I made a mistake – I am doing Tawba.”

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