Big Mistake of a Muslim today

Extracted from a Bayan of Shaikh Manzur Numani (R)

Though this would sound annoying, I require to say. And yes, I should. The enemies of Islam are representing Islam in an evil way – true; they are writing against Islam – true; they are spreading misleading information against Islam – true.

But my dear brothers! What are we, the Muslims doing? How are we today representing ourselves? What are our acts/deeds in our homes? What is our way of life in the offices? How do we behave in society? What do we demonstrate in our day to day life? Isn’t every day and even every moment the non-muslims seeing the Muslims? Aren’t they reading the Muslims to a greater extent than we do their anti-Islamic materials? Is our way of life the Islamic? Does our life portray any sketch of the Sunnah of Rasulullah ﷺ and His Sahaba? Ask yourself. Be rational. What were we supposed to give this world and what had this world got from us? O, my dear brothers! Shocking is that my lifestyle is not drawing any impression on the people with whom I talk and with whom I deal. We, bearing the names of Muslims, are actively participating in the mission against Islam. And this is rather much more dangerous than what our enemies are engaged at.

O Brothers and Sisters in Islam!
Make a pure intention to a setback, do tawba, and initiate the righteous actions that would represent you as an obedient servant of Allah Taala. Pay serious attention to the refinement of lifestyle. Help others to do so and pray to Allah Taala – May He help us!

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