Attain Divine Knowledge for Salvation

Attaining Knowledge of Deen is vital. Islamic Knowledge is today being attained but many are not even at all aware what Islamic Knowledge is; what is its objective; how to attain it; how to completely be benefited from it.

Seeker on the Path of Allah Taala will move forward with courage and enthusiasm. Remember that you must strive to attain knowledge, the knowledge which will show you the Right Path. All knowledge which human beings attain comes from any of the three sources: five senses, intellect and the divine revelation. Quran and Hadith are the sources of Divine Knowledge. Whoever will ignore the final source completely, would not only be stuck at a lower level, but he would become unsuccessful and would be deprived forever. A Seeker of Truth must be very caring and enthusiastic in attaining divine knowledge. There must be a very Holy Intention. The individual must seek the Help and Support of Allah Taala too. While making efforts there are some other conditions too.

This is indeed a very comprehensive discussion. In short it is not possible to address. We refer to a very important piece of work by a Great Scholar, Mufti Mahmudul Hasan Gangohi (R)’s ebook available at: ALHAADI site. We request to download this valuable ebook; read it please; spread it; act upon it with care; inshallah you will find Noor – ‘Light’ in life!

Earnest request to all Muslim is, do not miss the Divine Taste of attaining Knowledge of Quran and Hadith, which will adorn your life of the world and afterlife. It will be a matter of great deprivation if, being a Muslim we cannot get 5 to 10 minutes to study Divine Knowledge!

It is Pure Knowledge of Deen, which will help us to build a life of Taqwa and earn the Satisfaction of Allah Taala! Remember! A Believer, who refrains from sins will find Knowledge of Deen as Divine LIght – Noor. By the Grace of Allah Taala, such Knowledge will guide the Believer on the Straight Path. Such a Servant of Allah Taala would also be the Means of others Hidayat! Today our sins work as obstacle on the way to success and gain positively from Kowledge.

Many people today study in Madrasah, go to Tableeg or go to a Khanqah for acquiring Pure Knowledge and Guidance. All these means are good and very effective to attain knowledge no doubt! However, the most important is – Acting Upon the Knowledge required and direct contact of Pious Ulama for guidance. The habit of understanding Deen by own judgment or intuition one is always driven to the wrong track, let what extent of good intention or good will may he claim. A Qualified and Pious Scholar of Deen is the bearer of Divine Knowledge. Ilm or Divine Knowledge should be attained from him and only books are though very useful, but never sufficient.

Another problem is: We DO NOT apply our Deeni Knowledge in all aspects of life; we follow our own strategy and intellect where Shariah has prescribed certain rules. In other words, we do not practice Islam In Life, but we boast of having attained Knowledge! How silly! How unfortunate! This is indeed just another outcome of not attaining Divine Knowledge from the Pious Ulama.

Practicing the Sunnah at all walks of life is most important. 24 hours – round the clock, for a Muslim must be Total Obedience toward Allah Taala. How would a man practice Sunnah, if he doesn’t know the Sunnah? How would he learn Sunnah without knowing Deen? How would ever one know Deen without the Divine Knowledge? How would Divine Knowledge be attained without the guidance of Pious Ulama? Salvation depends on proper guidance of Quran and Sunnah. And one cannot attain it by self study. A certain extent of Divine Knowledge is Individually Compulsory on every Muslim man and woman. So try to understand its importance and exert accordingly. In fact, the Divine Knowledge is the Path or Roadmap to Jannah!

May Allah Taala give us Tawfeeq to attain Divine Knowledge from the Pious Ulama and ease our Salvation completely! Ameen

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