Treatment of Anger: Don’t React Instantly

When someone gets angry, he shouldn’t punish his subordinates immediately. As during anger, one is generally not at his usual state, one shouldn’t pass any judgment at such moments.

Experience says, there is always good in checking anger and always some negative effects in exposing it. Moreover, the outcome of (such unjustified) anger is repentance.

Remember, don’t haste to do something when you are at a furious state; practice for some days on this formula. Inshallah by doing so, one will gain the ability to check one’s (unwanted) anger.

As there is prohibition in Hadith about passing any judgment at the state of anger, I [Hakeemul Ummah Thanvi (R)], don’t give any decision on any matter when I’m angry.

From Hakeemul Ummah Mawlana Thanvi (R)’s Malfuzaat

Note: If a pious like Hazrat Mawlana Thanvi (R) could be so cautious, think about us, who usually cannot control the anger, should we react so easily and mess up? May Allah Taala help us to act correctly and may He help us to reform. Ameen


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