Finding others fault: A way to destruction

Unnecessary fault-finding of others is deemed “haraam” — completely forbidden in Islam. Its demerits and detrimental effects cannot be expressed and explained in a few words; an article of pages would not suffice; even a book will not be able to completely put forth the calamities it results in human life. However, we mention here a few as warning and reminder:

Looking into others faults is itself a grave sin and fetches the displeasure and wrath of Allah Taala.

Others fault finding will lead us to graver sins like geebat, jealousy and many more.

None of us have been assigned  to look into others fault – Allah Taala has not appointed us to do so.

An engager in others fault will always overlook his own, increasing his spiritual ailment and lagging himself far behind from self-reformation and progress.

Many saint-like people will be at a great loss on the Day of Qiyamah (Judgment Day) when they would find how their nafs and shaytan had misled them engaging them at looking into and finding others faults.

There is very good possibility that the person’s, whose faults I am after, has some deeds or even a single that is liked and valued by Allah, which I have no knowledge of!

Fault-finders of others will lose the friendship of honest and pious people; he will not be trusted even in this world.

Others fault-finding is a useless task and a complete waste of time and energy.

If we carry on this grave sin and keep on ignoring its harm, there is apprehension that our good-deeds will completely be ruined; imagine one losing all salah, all fast, all sadaqa and all hajj and good deeds being worthless (The Verses of Quran and AHadith have clearly mentioned so)!

Our majis, our meetings, our chats, our gossips and gatherings have been intensely “adorned” with others discussion nowadays. This type of adornment is indeed spoilage and filth. All discussions that abound others talk may not be sin, but most are completely unrelated to our purpose and aim of life. Therefore, let us be very aware inshaAllah. We seek the support and guidance of Allah!

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