Easy Prescription for Changing Life

Extracted from a Bayan of  Hazrat Mawlana Manzur Numani (R): (delivered in 1374 Hijri, at Ahmadabad)

I would like to tell you a word in short, that is: make two decisions regarding your life. First is, start making efforts on shaping your life right – rectify yourself. Secondly, make efforts to help change others’ lives as much as possible. To initiate efforts to develop life (in terms of Iman & Amal) is not at all hard, rather very easy. Whatever wrongdoings had been committed against the command of Allah Taala and His Rasul Sallallhu Alaiyhi wa Sallam, should be compensated through Tawba (sincere repentance). Make firm intention of obeying Allah Taala’s orders. If you again make mistake, i.e. if again you commit sin – keep on making Tawba. Through Tawba you will always be able to establish the broken relationship between you and Allah Taala. Besides making Tawba, make dua. There are men & women who cannot make Tawba for lack of courage. They think that there are so and so sins which we cannot refrain from right now. These people should at least pray to Allah Taala, “O Lord! Cleanse us and provide us the courage that we can refrain from these sins forever.” Besides dua, make efforts to refrain from the sins too. By the Rahmah of Allah Taala it is hopeful that to decide on refraining from the sins will become very easy.

To be steadfast on Tawba you may keep yourself steadfast on a few good deeds. Recite Kalima Taiyiba “La Ilaha Illallahu Muhammadur Rasulullah” regularly with sincerity. This would always refresh Iman. Every day in the morning and afternoon read it 100 times, if not – at least ten times – with complete attention.

Surely you all must say your (obligatory) prayers. Say prayers (Salat/Namaz) regularly and attentively. The least level of saying prayers is: the love and fear of Allah Taala is present in your heart and you contemplate on Allah Tala is seeing you (definitely He is!)

Make a habit of regular Zikr. Rasulullah Sallallhu Alaiyhi wa Sallam taught the following words: Subhanallah walhamdulillah wa laa-ilaha illallahu wallahu Allahu Akbar. Many glad tidings have been reported for doing this Zikr. Read this 100 times a day. If anyone among you wants to do much more Zikr, you make contact a Sahebe-Zikr (A Spiritual Guide) for Zikr, who can provide you more. In rectification of life, Zikr plays a vital role. The condition is that we do it attentively, that is: ruminate sincerely what we utter.

The final thing you must do is, everyday make a little time to engulf yourself in meditation on death. Remove your thoughts from all and think over on point –one day I have to leave this world, just the way life terminates for all. My soul will depart – it will be taken away. Then the body will be showered and after Janaza prayers it will be buried under the soil. Then on the Judgment Day I have to stand in front of Allah Taala with my Book of Deed. Alas! What will happen? – Keep on think over these incidents, as if all are in front of your very eyes. Think that it is only through the Blessing of Allah Tala, I would be able to get free. With firmly believing so you must repent sincerely – make Tawba and pray for Allah Taala’s shelter and support.

These four points which I mentioned are not complete Deen. Don’t think that through this you can be completely pious. Rather, if you accomplish these deeds continuously the bondage between you and Deen will become stronger day by day. By the Grace of Allah Taala your life will develop high.

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