Tahajjud: Part 1

Among all ‘Nawafil’ (supererogatory) salat/namaz/prayer, Tahajjud is regarded the best and every pious Muslims of all ages has been practicing this supererogatory Salah (prayer) with great zeal and high ambition. Obviously, this zeal and ambition does not relate to any worldly affair, rather the craving to say Tahajjud relates to much greater purpose and vision. In addition to all benefits of Salah, Tahajjud prayer expedites the achievement of proximity to Allah Taala and high spiritual development of the slave.

The sincere and obedient slave always looks for opportunity — when, where and how could he earn the Pleasure of his Lord. Until the real meeting to be taken place in the afterlife, there is a great desire from the slave’s side that he engages himself to his Lord in seclusion. This privacy (during the Tahajjud prayer) allows him much greater spiritual happiness and satisfaction; besides worshiping alone, he relates every desire to his Lord privately and peacefully — seeks refuge from all the evils and unwanted situations surrounding this world and the afterlife. The slave fervently applies in the Court of the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe for all his needs and necessities. When the relationship between the Lord and slave reaches a greater height, all the desires of the slave unite to ‘one’ and that is nothing, but the ‘Love’ of Allah Taala!

The aspect of Love with the Beloved is truly the most preciously recognized reason why our pious predecessors have always been so caring about Tahajjud and pursuing Allah’s Love could be mentioned as the ‘sole motivational factor’ of preserving and practicing this virtuous Salah. In fact, Tahajjud prayer enjoins the two components of sincerity and obedience — Love and Fear. When Love relates with Fear, the slave experiences high spiritual development and discovers immense joy in both situations, while performing good deeds and refraining from sins. The overall spiritual state of an obedient slave thus become very balanced.

If we take a closer look at the Verses regarding Tahajjud prayer in the Holy Quran and AHadith, stylishly has been mentioned regarding its virtue in both, and it becomes vivid that this prayer bears exceptional qualities to connect the slave to Allah Taala.

Allah Taala has mentioned the qualities of a Believer in Sura Furqan, Verses 63 to 74 so touchily that by reciting or listening to the Verses any believer’s heart would be moved and s/he would earnestly desire to pursue and achieve those. Among those qualities, the fourth virtue relates to Tahajjud. The Lord of the Universe states (meaning):

And the slaves of the Rahman are those who walk on the earth humbly and when the ignorant people speak to them, they reply peacefully, [63] and those who pass the night prostrating and standing before their Lord (to read full verses CLICK HERE)

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