Hajj: Part 1

Ka’aba is called Baitullah (Allah’s House)*. Whoever goes for Hajj and/ Umrah at Makkah Mukarramah and the holy places around is the guest of Allah. Think! You are a guest somewhere. As the host do you have to worry how to stay, what to eat and drink at the guest’s house? Or, is this the guest’s responsibility? During Hajj and/ Umrah you are the guest, and Allah Taala is the host! This ONE and only thought should shatter all our worries and apprehension while we undertake a Hajj journey! Yes, as servants of Allah we should possess fear on our position and state – am I, such a grave sinner capable to perform Hajj correctly? Will my Hajj and Umrah be accepted? Yet again, this should be transformed into dua (supplications) with great hope that Allah Taala is Ever-Forgiving – His benevolence and mercy is unparalleled. We should humbly carry on dua very sincerely and say, O Allah! Only You can take me there – to Your Majestic Court; provide me the sincerity, provide me the ability to refrain from any unwanted things (sins etc.), provide me your guidance and support, provide me ease throughout and accept my Hajj! (Aameen)

Hajj is a journey to attain Allah’s Love. If you are leaving your home for somewhere, where your beloved resides, what would be your personal feeling? Could that be expressed in words to others? So, when a believer, with his heart filled with love of Allah and His Rasool ﷺ starts off for Makkah-Madina, what can be the feeling?

Indeed, our words can never articulate and describe even the slightest gift of Allah! How could we dare to picture the views of Ka’aba, Haraam, Arafah, Mina, Muzdalifah! It is merely impossible. So it is to draw and describe in pen or pencil the feeling of a mu’min (believer) who had traveled these places and performed Hajj. Indeed, Hajj is a wonderful combination of Ibadat which integrates and demonstrates innumerable spiritual-elevating ingredients.

Just to provide the respected readers with some important aspects of this blessed Ibadat, we make some effort to pen down those concisely. May Allah Taala make it a means of attaining His love! May Allah Taala make it a means to undertake us – all (the writer and readers) to visit Makkah-Madina and perform Hajje-Mabroor. We hope this would benefit all of us (InshaAllah).

InshaAllah we will try best to continue with this series (in few Parts) with short articles on Hajj – important topics in nutshell (which will inshaAllah cover major tips, guidance and rulings). O Allah! Provide the Tawfeeq (ability) please!


* All Muslims are well aware that Allah does not live there! However, there is definitely some wisdom as to why it is called Baitullah (Allah’s House). The pious scholars have provided their explanation in light of Qur’an and AHadith. We are not getting into that topic here, but some points may come inshaAllah.


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