Beloved Rasulullah ﷺ in Dream

There was a buzurg from Peshawar, whose name was Mawlana Abdur Rahaman Peshawari (R). I [Hazrat Farooq Saheb (R) ] have heard an incident about him from my respected seniors. Once he saw Rasulullah ﷺ in a dream. Rasulullah ﷺ was very pleased and asked (meaning), “Abdur Rahman, what do you wish for?” Mawlana Abdur Rahman said, “Ya Rasulullah ﷺ! Now that my eyes have seen you, they should not see anyone else.” (This is what he wished!) Rasulullah ﷺ replied (meaning) “Think carefully on what you say!” Mawlana Abdur Rahman (R) said, “I have already thought about it. It is unbearable for me to see anyone else now, when once my eyes had your vision.” When Mawlana (R) woke up, he had lost his sight and was completely blind. Alhumdulillah he was happy and uttered, “O Allah! It’s your great favour that you have permitted me to see your Beloved Rasool ﷺ with these polluted eyes.”

– Collected from “In the Court of ” by Hazrat Mawlana Farooq Saheb (R) [Khalifa Hazrat Maseehullah Khan Sherwani (R) ]

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