An inspiring story of Tawba

At the time of Hazrat Musa (AM) once a terrible famine occurred. People came to the Prophet (AM) and asked him to pray for rain. Hazrat Musa (AM) took thousand and thousands of people with him and supplicated to Allah Taala for rainfall. He sought the Help of Allah Tala for the sake of infants, old pious men and four footed animals. However, there was no rain! It was hot all around.Then Hazrat Musa (AM) again started praying. He now sought the Support of Allah Taala by saying (meaning), “If for any reason my level had been deteriorated, for the sake of the Final Messenger – Hazrat Muhammudﷺ you may provide shower upon us!” Allah Taala informed Hazrat Musa (AM) (meaning) : “O Musa! It is not that your levels had gone down! The reason for no rain is that amongst you there is one person who is disobeying my commands for forty consecutive years. Tell him to leave your gathering; it is for him I have terminated rainfall.” It was a very large gathering. Hazrat Musa (AM) asked Allah Taala: I have a very low voice. How is it possible that in this large gathering my voice would reach him? Allah Taala contended him that He would reach His Prophet’s voice to all the people. Hazrat Musa (AM) announced: “O the sinner! Who had been committing sin for 40 consecutive years! Get out from our gathering! It is for you the rain is not coming!”

Listening to this announcement, the sinner looked around and saw that none got out of the  gathering! He thought, it is to me whom this is being addressed to. He further thought that when I would be leaving this gathering, people would definitely see me. Alas! What a humiliation would that be for me! On the other hand, if I do not get out from here, for me the rain wouldn’t come ! Suddenly while pondering on these thoughts, he covered his face with a cloth and started weeping. With great repentance he prayed: “O Rahmanur Raheem! I had been disobeying you for the last 40 years! You had always given me the opportunity for a comeback, but I hadn’t utilized the chances. Now I (sincerely) turn to You! Do accept me (my Tawba)!” His prayer hadn’t completed yet, rain started pouring heavily…

Hazrat Musa (AM) was quite astounded! Being very surprised, he inquired to Allah Taala: “O Lord! Not a single person had left this gathering. What is the reason for this rainfall then?” Allah Taala’s reply was: “O Musa! It is for that person now I descended the rain, for whom I had previously withheld it. Because he sincerely repented and made a comeback on My path.” Hazrat Musa (AM) asked Allah Taala: O Allah! Do expose that person to me! Reply from Allah Taala came: “I did not humiliate him at the time he disobeyed me; why would I now humiliate him – when he had come under My shelter?”

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