Allah Taala is Hakeem Not unjust: Part 1

When man falls into trouble, he starts worrying. When your worries will take you towards Good Deeds, it is a good sign. It implies that you are a beloved servant of Allah Taala. Often such troubles in life purifies man. He attains Tawba. He realizes that his wrongdoing has resulted all troubles. Through the path of difficulties, Rahmah (Blessing) of Allah Taala comes into our life. However, for our weak Iman we don’t understand. For recovering our Iman, we must seek forgiveness to Allah Taala. We must try to discover our wrongdoings. We must initiate good deeds. We must contemplate on the point: “Allah Taala is Almighty; He is NEVER unjust; He is HAKEEM – His every WORK has a Wise Reason – we, His slaves will never be able to comprehend – WHY HE DOES WHAT(?) – This Muraqaba (Meditation) of His every work has wisdom will inshallah result in blessing in our heart. In trouble it will be easy to be patient and in happiness it will make us grateful!

If our worries starting to blame Allah Taala – Why did He do so and so in my life? What wrong did I make? etc. – these are signs of very weak Iman and often dangerous. As discussed earlier, many troubles and problems afflict us as punishment of our bad deeds, i.e. the sins we commit. We must therefore take lessons. Do remember, by punishing us in this world Allah Taala is showing Mercy to us! He is warning us ahead. “O My slave! This is little – much greater Punishment is to come if you do not obey Me.” If we contemplate on the afterlife, keep on thinking about the eternal life after death, we will find ourselves busy preparing for the afterlife and we will always be able to ignore silly and trivial matters of this world. Many matters which will concern the secular people would never baffle or disturb us. We will keep us engage ourselves in preparing for the afterlife and only a little effort for this world will result in Barakah (Additional Blessing) in the worldly life.


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