A Warning: Teach your Children Deen

Hazrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz (R) [well known as Second Umar for his fair justice] was on his death bed. Hazrat Maslama bin Abdul Malek inquired, “By the Grace of Allah Taala you are leaving behind 13 children. However, you have left no money and wealth for them(?)” Listening to this, Hazrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz (R) told that he may be made seated so that he could answer Maslama. He was then done so.Hazrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz (R) replied, “O Maslama! You are true in words that I am not leaving any money and wealth for my children. However, this is also true that I have not neglected their rights. Whatever wealth I had with me of the people had never been given to their (my children’s) hands. If my children are obedient to Allah Taala, He is Sufficient for them. If my children are disobedient to Allah Taala then leaving some wealth would do no good to them.

Another saint Muhammad bin Qa’ab (R) was a very rich man. Some of his friends advised him to keep back some wealth for his children. He said, “Never will I do so! I will spend all money on the Path of Allah Taala and leave Allah Taala – Himself Only – for my children.”

Now we may think that “Ah those were possible for them – Such Noble ones! How can we do so!?’ It is true. But point is NOT that dear friend! Point is, it is compulsory upon us to teach the Knowledge of Deen to our beloved children so that at least the Understanding of Deen develops in them.  There is absolutely no chance to neglect it. However, most of us today are completely negligent of fulfilling this Compulsory Commandment of Allah Taala which is one of our prime responsibilities and obligations. There is no provision for giving excuses at this issue. Therefore, we must seriously and sincerely teach (i.e. make all arrangements to teach) our children the Essential Knowledge of Deen so that when we leave this world, we leave noble children behind. Or else Allah-Forbid! These children of ours – themselves would become witness against us on the Day of Resurrection!

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